This article gives you the important information as well as some advice.
Let’s get to the important information first.

The official product wording:

This is what Dragon Age RPG fans have been waiting for! Set 3 completes the core rules of the game, providing everything players need to take their characters from level 11 to 20. They will love new specializations like the chevalier, force mage, and shadow, plus new spells, talents, and backgrounds. Game Masters get a host of fearsome monsters to deploy, including stats for high dragons and the dreaded Archdemon itself. Set 3 also introduces rune magic for weapons and armor, and narrative rules for mass battles. And of course it wouldn’t be Dragon Age without lore, and Set 3 delivers on that score as well, with new info on Orlais, the Tevinter Imperium, and more. A full-length adventure and handy accessories complete the package, making Set 3 a must for any Dragon Age fan!

Here is a link to Green Ronin’s own store, for the PDF version

Here is a link to their print version

You will note that this of course runs up a lot of money if you are getting the print edition delivered outside of the U.S. delivery to UK for example was going to cost $20…

Several outlets will be offered set 3, but how timely they will be in making the product available is a matter with them, which means you are taking your chances.

The safe option is to get a guaranteed order with your local FLGS (friendly local game store).

However, things get a little more complicated. As before, GR are offering pre order deals on the print version, meaning if you buy it from them or one of their affiliated vendors (the vendor gives you a code) you can download the PDF version for just $5.

Things get even more complicated though, as they are claiming this run will be limited to 2,000 print copies, and another run may not happen. Although they are exploring POD (print on demand) options.

What all of this meant for me was concern that Amazon would take ages to stock it, and my local stores perhaps letting me down, and direct delivery too expensive to UK, I have purchased the PDF download version and I’ll just have to settle for that.

Let us know below what the rest of you non U.S. DA GMs are doing.

See you at the table!

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