I have to admit that, were not for CinderellaManJJ’s recent post on Vancian Magic, I would never have gotten to this concept, especially as a blog post. While I quite enjoy the mana system used in the Dragon Age Dark Fantasy Roleplaying Game, there is yet another magic system to which I lean more favorably: High Adventure Role Playing from Iron Crown. Within HARP’s magic system, which also uses points (Power Points to be exact), each spellcaster is able to manipulate their spells in such a way as to evoke truly epic scenes from fantasy literate. But always at a cost.

In Dragon Age, a Mage chooses which spell he will cast, makes the spell casting roll against the target number, designates the appropriate test if any, and applies the results. But what if, say, rather than simply utilizing spell stunts to effect minimal changes to the spell, the Mage elected to power it with more mana up front? This of course is not as simple as sacrificing more mana, as the target numbers would change, as would the requisite tests. But all to a greater and far more provocative system of spell casting.