Dragon Age Oracle Now On Google+

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In order to get to where gamers are hanging out, we have now created a page over on Google+ for the Dragon Age Oracle. You can reach it by going to:


We’ll be linking all our new posts over there just as we do on Twitter and Facebook, plus chatting about things Dragon Age/AGE System as well. If you’re on G+, add us to your circles.


Dragon Age RPG on Canon Puncture Podcast

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Canon Puncture is one of my favorite gaming podcasts, both because Rich Rogers is a good friend and because he covers topics that align very well with my own gaming interests. Rich is an excellent interviewer and knows how to tease out a topic enough to look at it from various angles while keeping it interesting. Mixed in with the regular conversational episodes is a series called Game Advocates, where fans of a particular game (never the designer or an employee of the publishing company) go on the show to tell the audience why a particular game is awesome and everyone should try it.

In Episode 112, I went on the show to advocate for the Dragon Age RPG. Rich and I recorded that episode back in March, so the information about Set 2 not being available is obviously outdated. Rich did a good job of asking important questions about the game, why is it cool in its own right and how does it compare to other fantasy games, and I hope that it will get other gamers to give Dragon Age a try in the near future.

You can listen to Canon Puncture 112: Game Advocates – Dragon Age RPG at the website or download as an mp3 or via iTunes.

Dragon Age Two-Punch: RPG Set 2 News & Dragon Age: Redemption Trailer


Dragon Age gets in a nice one-two punch combination with these two stories, sure to get all fans excited.

Dragon Age RPG: Set 2

Green Ronin has finally released information about Set 2 for the Dragon Age Roleplaying Game. Though a release date is still not listed, there is already a product page on the Green Ronin Online Catalog/Web Store which reveals a few nice tidbits.

Update, Feb 25: As reported at ICv2, Dragon Age RPG: Set 2 has been set to release in May, 2011.

First of all, we finally get to see the fantastic cover for Set 2 (right): a female warrior (Grey Warden, possibly?) possessed of mighty rage (and perhaps some magical power?) delivers impaling justice to an ogre. Violent, and to the point of what Set 2 is all about: getting you to a level of experience where you can start tackling the darkspawn head on, perhaps even as a Grey Warden yourself.


The Dalish Curse: An Online Game


I was sitting at home, very bored, when I decided to run an impromptu game of Dragon Age online. Sunday during the day I sent out invites to a few people who had expressed an interest when I mentioned it on Twitter, and managed to get four players. At 11 PM EST (and with players literally all across the US), we got on Skype to play The Dalish Curse, the introductory adventure included in the Dragon Age Game Master’s Guide (no spoilers below).

I have never hosted a game via an online virtual tabletop (VTT); I have played in games that have used MapTool, but someone else has done all the heavy lifting and I simply connected and played. Eventually I scrapped the VTT idea and decided to use good old Skype coupled with Google Docs for maps and info reference. I pulled the maps from the PDF copy of the GM’s Guide I have, pasted them onto individual Google Docs, and put together a Stunts reference sheet for the players, then shared the folder with everyone. For dice , we used an online dice rolled found at Catch Your Hare, which is especially neat as it displays the dice results graphically and by die, as opposed to the sum of all dice rolled. Each player picks a color for their dice, and I ruled that the middle die is always the Dragon Die, making it easy to see how many Stunt Points were generated on a roll of doubles. Easy peasy.

My four players were Tamara Deeny, Thomas Deeny, Ryan Macklin and Brennen Reece, and all four signed up for the game via my post on Twitter. We used When Is Good? to figure out a time when we could all play, and jumped on Skype at the appointed time for some dark fantasy adventuring. To save time, I had the players choose from the pre-generated characters available on the Dragon Age RPG website. The party consisted of Masarian, a Dalish Elf apostate mage (Ryan); Ackley, a Ferelden Freeman rogue (Thomas); Kedwalla, a Surface Dwarf warrior (Tamara); and Shinasha, a City Elf rogue (Brennen). We played using the rules in Set 1, though I added the Exploration and Roleplaying Stunts available on the Set 2 Playtest document so we could take them out for a spin.


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