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Treasure Chest

Every so often, something wonderful happens on Twitter: amidst the usual online sarcasm and pics of lunch dishes, a meme emerges that is actually cool and of lasting value (lasting meaning longer than it takes to read the tweet and chuckle). #TweetTreasure is one such meme.

Created by Daniel Solis, the meme entails tweeting a treasure in less than 140 characters (including the #TweetTreasure hashtag). The offerings so far have leaned towards the fantastic-but-with-a-small-price, which makes them fairly interesting. There’s no mechanics attached to them, so these could be adapted to any game.

I have included some Tweet Treasures below which I felt were thematically appropriate for the Dragon Age RPG setting and power level. Feel free to stat them up for your own games; it shouldn’t be too hard to assign mechanics to these words. And of course, take a look at the #TweetTreasure hashtag for many more treasures.



[Beyond Dragon Age] Hammer of Thunder


I saw Thor this weekend, and though I have a few nitpicks, overall I liked it. I mean, I got exactly what I went in expecting to see: the god of thunder being boisterous and arrogant, hammering his way through problems and letting fly mighty Mjolnir all around. All that plus frost giants, Asgardian deities and Hawkeye? Yeah, I can forgive the rest.

Naturally, as I watched the movie, I thought about how some of those elements could be brought into a game. d20 and all its derivatives, from 4e to Pathfinder, have tons of published and fan material out there to emulate a lot of what the movie showed, but given the newness of Dragon Age/AGE we still have the opportunity to create new stuff. And in keeping with the simple and elegant design stylistics of AGE, rather than create complicated and exhaustive designs, I’m choosing to highlight only two elements here. Perhaps you will create some other elements and share them as well.

Note:There are minor movie spoilers ahead. Nothing major, just some cool scenes, but be warned.


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