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I would like to recommend the AGE system community on Google plus for anyone looking to meet other AGE GMs and share resources/homebrews. The very existence of this community now somewhat lessens the need for Oracle to even be, but that’s okay! I have been using Oracle to put up lots of my own ideas used in personal campaigns, and this page achieves the same thing. Get over there and become a part of it!

AGE on Google Plus


The Future Of Dragon Age RPG


It is my pleasure to talk to you about the future of the RPG we have in common, Dragon Age.

Green Ronin’s Captain at the helm and all round game design virtuoso Chris Pramas has just spoken of his plans for the company in 2015, with a heading of course including the Dragon Age, and indeed that of AGE as a system.
You can of course read his article here – http://greenronin.com/blog/2015/01/19/green-ronin-in-2015/
but to summarise things for you:

Sets 1-3 are out of print and never to return. They will be replaced by a full 400 page core rulebook, currently in layout stages. The book will also contain a new intro adventure, replacing ‘The Dalish Curse’.

A new Game Master’s kit, containing a brand new adventure. Let’s be honest, our old one is based on the game’s first five levels, so this was a decent idea.

No longer a sole focus on the 5th blight, with various options now open – including a new sourcebook specifically for the Inquisition time frame.

More support for the previously started PDF releases ‘Faces of Thedas’, a series where known characters from the Thedas mythos were put into stats for your usage, should you so wish. But here’s the big news, it too is planned as a collected book.

Then there’s the new mode of enemy type grouping for the bestiary and threat level ordering. Threats of Thedas will no doubt come as a welcome purchase so that GMs can have better indication on what is a suitable fight for a given level of party. This is of course a luxury that the likes of “That well known D20 game” have enjoyed for so long.

Chris Pramas further elaborated on the generic fantasy AGE setting in the pipeline, hopefully to appear around May 2015. It’s going to be sweet for them not being slowed by approval requirements to a licence holder, and a benefit to the content starved GMs of you out there, who will undoubtedly consider buying much of those releases to use for existing Dragon Age campaigns (I know I will!)

That’s the news from your Oracle, stay tuned for more from them, and more from us. Also, please feel free to submit any of your own ideas for articles, as I would love to get some of those wonderful GMs out there into the spotlight too.

See you at the table!


Inquisition Followers Visual Guide


Excited isn’t even a word to cover it for some of us…

Dragon Age Companions

Dragon Age: Inquisiton | Official Trailer – The Hero of Thedas

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This new Inquisition trailer released 14th October shows more footage of the upcoming game. Also, is it just me, or does that dragon look a heck of a lot like the great dragon from ‘The Silent Grove’?

Play Dragon Age Origins For Free (Limited Time)

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You had better move quick on this one. Origin are offering the original DAO for free, if you add it to your account with them by 14 October. After that, you can play it any when you please. So, my advice, even if you aren’t going to play it yet, add it to the account so you get it free.

Though it loathes me to publish anything that advertises EA, it does appear to be a genuine free offer.

Link – http://www.ea.com/uk/news/dragon-age-origins-now-on-the-house?utm_campaign=Feed%3A+eanews+%28EA+News+in+the+UK%29&utm_content=FaceBook

Dragon Age Keep – Inquisition

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With Inquisition almost upon us, another feature to the game has been recently announced.
Dragon Age Keep is a free to use application on various devices for your convenience.

With games of Dragon Age being scattered across two generations of consoles now and potentially various formats (including the extra Dragon Age universe games), this application deals with the problem with a practical solution.
It allows you to run through the choices potentially made in previous games and answer those one way or another. It is effectively writing the state of the world, based on your actions, in readiness for Inquisition.

You can choose from past heroes used, selecting the one to apply, combined with all the other states you authorise, at which point you will get to watch a beautifully stylised animation telling your personal story, along with the option to make changes as it happens.

For me, the most interesting element is the potentially expanded codex entries that will open on the app. As a tabletop RPG, these information clusters are veritable golden nuggets. If you don’t play the tabletop game, then they are at least golden nugs.

You can apply for the beta here – https://dragonagekeep.com/en_US/teaser

World of Thedas Volume 2 Pre Order

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You might remember the article I wrote complete with a video reveal of the first volume of ‘The World of Thedas’, if not, refresh yourselves here –


Amazon now have The World  of Thedas Vol 2 book up to pre-order, published by Dark Horse. But don’t get too excited like I did; It isn’t out until 21 April 2015!

Current Cover Art

Current Cover Art

Here’s what the publisher is saying

BioWare’s newest game Dragon Age: Inquisition will expand the universe of their epic series in profound ways. This comprehensive book of lore features exclusive art and information, exploring every corner of this dark fantasy masterpiece!
Newcomers will appreciate how this volume covers everything they need to know about the world and characters of these smash-hit games! Dedicated fans will revel in the abundance of never-before-revealed secrets, the perfect companion to Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 1! From heroes to villains, to songs and food, and everything in between, this book puts the breath and depth of this inimitable fantasy at your fingertips.

But I do have to wonder if this will be the final reveal artwork. I do hope it won’t. Hopefully this is just an initially restricted view shot to not give away spoilers in advance of the game release ‘Inquisition’. In fact, it really looks like it will fill us in on that later time period, given that the front cover art is a seeker.

Pre order here – http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1616555017?creativeASIN=1616555017&linkCode=w01&linkId=WIS6DCXIF7NKSUUB&ref_=as_sl_pc_ss_til&tag=robejamefreen-21


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