Explorer, Protector, Soldier, Spy!


Explorer by Chris Ocampo.

You can never be too young, too rich or have too many specializations. Here are four specializations I’ve been developing as part of my Eberron mod for the AGE system, which in turn is based on Josh Jarman’sDragon Hack.’ Some of the inspiration for these came from Pathfinder prestige class powers, 4th edition paragon paths and random creative thoughts. Hope you like them!


Mage, Rogue and Warrior Specialization

Explorers yearn to discover new lands and peoples, sometimes for fame and glory but often just for the sheer joy of finding something new. They are adaptable, and are never satisfied with staying in one place for long.

Explorer Talent

Class: Mage, Rogue or Warrior.

Requirement: You must have Cunning and Perception 3 or higher.

Novice: You have a knack for finding your way. You gain a +1 bonus to all Cunning (Cartography), Cunning (Navigation) and Perception (Searching) tests when trying to find or follow a path or directions, or read a map.

Journeyman: Your travels have made you resourceful. You can perform the Resources at Hand stunt for 3 SP rather than the usual 4.

Master: Travelling far has made you quick to learn. You can learn a new language in half the time it usually takes, and can ‘get by’ in only week or so. You love to seek out the new, gaining a +1 bonus to all Cunning (Cultural Lore) and Cunning (Navigation) tests when in a region or country you have never been to before. This bonus applies for a month or so, or until the GM rules you have started to settle there.



Dragon Hack: High Fantasy Adventures for AGE


Ready for some over the top, high-fantasy adventure? Thanks to an earlier post here by Daniel Perez, some of you know that I’ve been building a sort of Pathfinder conversion for the Dragon Age game over on my own blog at joshjarman.net. I say Pathfinder because that seems to be the most popular fantasy game available right now that’s built on the old d20 System Reference Document engine. But the point of my little side project is really only to port the race and class paradigm most gamers are familiar with from that and similar games over to the Dragon Age system, resulting in a project I called Dragon Hack. Whether I call it a Pathfinder, 3.5 conversion, or something else entirely, isn’t important. What is important is it gives players who are hesitant to play a game without a variety of customizable race and class choices an option to do so while playing the AGE system by Green Ronin.


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