[March Monster Madness] And The 2012 Winner Is…


March Monster Madness 2012 is over. This year I had 10 different monsters to choose from and the contestants did not disappoint. In the end, however, only one could be crowned winner.

Though a few critters really got me cackling with glee, three monsters tugged at my evil GM heartstrings the most: the Reaper, the One-Of-Many-Eyes, and the Flesh Legion.

The One-Of-Many-Eyes filled me with evil nostalgia, for who doesn’t love those floating orbs of multi-ocular death?

The Reaper was deceptive in its lethality until I caught on to its deadly versatility.

The Flesh Legion was just creepy to the core and I know I will have nightmares that will feature it.

So who was the winner?



[March Monster Madness] Contest Ends

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March Monster Madness: the AGE System Monster Design Challenge has come to an end!

Thanks to all who participated this year. I will be gathering the entries and reading through them. You can find a preliminary list of contestants by perusing the comments to the opening post.

The winner will be posted up on April 11, 2012.

Good luck to all.

[March Monster Madness] The AGE Monster Design Challenge 2


Get ready to channel your inner Dr. Frankenstein as we launch March Monster Madness: the AGE System Monster Design Challenge!

During the month of March we are running the 2nd Annual AGE System Monster Design Challenge.

This year the theme is FREEFORM: create any monster you want for the AGE System! It can be large, it can be small, hairy, spiky, scaly, winged or slithering. It’s up to you! To enter, create your monster, post it to the official thread on the Green Ronin forums, and post a link to your entry in the comments below.

The winner of the AGE Monster Challenge will win a $10 gift certificate to RPGnow/DriveThruRPG.

Contest runs from March 1-31. Voting on the best monster runs from April 2-7. Winners to be announced on April 9.

Start practicing your “It’s Alive!” cry of victory and may the best demiurge win.


[March Monster Madness] Dragon and Young Cave Dragon

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As promised, here are the entries for the winners of the March Monster Madness AGE Monster Design Challenge.


Dragon’s are huge, powerful and intelligent creatures whose territory spans about the same area powerful human lord. Dragons prefer to dwell in the mountains, far away from large human cities. They have been known to demand tribute from any small human communities it considers within its domain.

It combat the dragon has the fighting strength of a small army. With its terrible swiftness and superior size and strength, the dragon dominates the battlefield. With its armor impregnable to nearly all forms of archery, it can fly across the battlefield searching for the leaders of the opposing army. The dragon snatches the leaders, flies high and drops the lifeless burnt bodies back onto the troops. Soon even the most fervent army’s moral breaks and they rout.


[March Monster Madness] And The Winner Is…

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March has come and gone. Eleven monsters entered the arena and now two are crowned kings in the March Monster Madness challenge.

Classic Monster

It was a close battle between the blood-sucking Stirge and the fire-breathing Dragon, but at the end, the iconic winged lizard easily claimed the top spot with 29.87% of the votes.

See Poll results: http://poll.fm/2vikt

Creator JesterOC wins a $10.00 gift certificate to RPGnow/DriveThruRPG!

Midgard Monster

The battle here was between the Clockwork Myrmidon and the Young Cave Dragon, but in the end, once again, the iconic dragon claimed the top spot to be crowned king with 34.38% of the votes.

See Poll results: http://poll.fm/2vilo

Creator Josh Jarman wins a 1-year PDF subscription to Kobold Quarterly courtesy of Open Design!

The winning monsters will be edited and presented for your use later this week, and all other monsters will shortly follow in a small bestiary.

Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all participants. I thought all entries were very well done and displayed a good grasp of the basics of the AGE System (with a few, very interesting surprises, like the kobold).

[March Monster Madness] The AGE Monster Design Challenge


Get ready to channel your inner Dr. Frankenstein as we launch March Monster Madness: the AGE System Monster Design Challenge!


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