“Classes” and “Races” Guide For New Players

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If you are a veteran of the system, this post will only be going over familiar ground. With that warning given, let us proceed.

One viewer recently wrote to me asking for a comprehensive list of Dragon Age races and classes. I made these videos to explain how things work in the tabletop version of the game.
Here I will explain that there are three classes, but the real choice of flavour comes from your specialisation or sub-class, as it were.
I then go on to list them by name.

The Future Of Dragon Age RPG


It is my pleasure to talk to you about the future of the RPG we have in common, Dragon Age.

Green Ronin’s Captain at the helm and all round game design virtuoso Chris Pramas has just spoken of his plans for the company in 2015, with a heading of course including the Dragon Age, and indeed that of AGE as a system.
You can of course read his article here – http://greenronin.com/blog/2015/01/19/green-ronin-in-2015/
but to summarise things for you:

Sets 1-3 are out of print and never to return. They will be replaced by a full 400 page core rulebook, currently in layout stages. The book will also contain a new intro adventure, replacing ‘The Dalish Curse’.

A new Game Master’s kit, containing a brand new adventure. Let’s be honest, our old one is based on the game’s first five levels, so this was a decent idea.

No longer a sole focus on the 5th blight, with various options now open – including a new sourcebook specifically for the Inquisition time frame.

More support for the previously started PDF releases ‘Faces of Thedas’, a series where known characters from the Thedas mythos were put into stats for your usage, should you so wish. But here’s the big news, it too is planned as a collected book.

Then there’s the new mode of enemy type grouping for the bestiary and threat level ordering. Threats of Thedas will no doubt come as a welcome purchase so that GMs can have better indication on what is a suitable fight for a given level of party. This is of course a luxury that the likes of “That well known D20 game” have enjoyed for so long.

Chris Pramas further elaborated on the generic fantasy AGE setting in the pipeline, hopefully to appear around May 2015. It’s going to be sweet for them not being slowed by approval requirements to a licence holder, and a benefit to the content starved GMs of you out there, who will undoubtedly consider buying much of those releases to use for existing Dragon Age campaigns (I know I will!)

That’s the news from your Oracle, stay tuned for more from them, and more from us. Also, please feel free to submit any of your own ideas for articles, as I would love to get some of those wonderful GMs out there into the spotlight too.

See you at the table!


Warlock of Firetop Mountain – Fighting Fantasy For AGE

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I have recently run ‘The Warlock of Firetop Mountain’ as an AGE conversion.

The key method of success in converting a solo choose your own adventure book into a group type RPG is twofold:
First, I was lucky enough to find a map containing the dungeon along with its page numbers in place. This meant that I could make the book more malleable than it would normally be, backtracking and such. I always know how to move the players on if it comes to it.
The next thing I needed to do was find a list online, where all the creature encounters of the mountain are revealed. I simply had to go through that list and make some quick notes on how I would convert them if they were to happen. Most were simple references to GM books and other AGE files, but a couple did need whole new stat sheets made up – namely the vampire and Zagor himself.

These are simply my notes for my use. You may not agree with some of my decisions on conversion type, and by all means you should change it where you see fit. I just like the idea of sharing in case it helps.

Here’s the links you should need.

Map https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_2t6Ou1K-48a0FkazVGZnFlWDA/view?usp=sharing
Map 2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_2t6Ou1K-48LTVlaTFicVJLbWc/view?usp=sharing
FILE https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TCDceSG9hbesG4o6rqzxRrVB9une9Qm6VlyJ6BIs5Nc/edit?usp=sharing

See you at the table!

Inquisition Followers Visual Guide


Excited isn’t even a word to cover it for some of us…

Dragon Age Companions

Dragon Age: The Harsh Winter (Survival Adventure)

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Martin Garner and Robert James Freemantle bring you the survival themed follow up to ‘The Shadow Bloom’ as previously released here. This time the survival elements focus on a snowy scene, where the land itself is the true danger and combats are rare – everything is too cold to come fight you, therefore hiding away, but your group won’t get the chance – they must travel to safety before the Winter takes its full toll on food and supplies.

As always, use whatever elements you want to. If there’s something you don’t like, don’t use it. This is the module the way I ran it for my group, but bear in mind it is recommended as a tier 3 level of difficulty. If some of the target numbers look high, such as TN 19, again, my group were capable of rolling this, and indeed completed it with no fatalities, but they’re a clever lot anyway…


harsh winter image


Zagor: Warlock of Firetop Mountain Conversion To AGE

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The end boss of the Warlock of Firetop Mountain Fighting Fantasy book, converted ready for AGE. This file was made as part of my overall Firetop Mountain AGE conversion project.



Vampire Conversion To Age/Thedas

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A Vampire in Dragon Age I hear you gasp? Well, why not? You are the GM, with the fiat God like powers to make things true. In this case, I will take you through my thought process:

Vampires drink blood. Hmmm blood…Blood mages! Blood magic…but not mages…hmmm, so, this is a person who gives himself to Blood Magic’s teachings without having any magic to back it up, you know, cutting self and drinking it. Kinda like Emo Hanger On’s, groupies to the actual blood mages…They can undertake a very deadly ceremony of blood drinking/spirit fusion with a powerful enough mage of their order (who is sacrificed in the process) to create a type of abomination. He must have his own wrists and leg arteries exposed by a runic silver blade, while ingesting all 8 pints of the blood mage.
If the cultist survives the ordeal (less would survive than do with a Grey Warden Joining!) then you have – essentially, a vampire. Their long life is then due to the trapped spirit of the blood mage inside them. I have called this a Blood Apostle Cardinal.
Because they are in touch with the other side of life, with a spirit inside them who feels the pull of the fade upon it at each and every moment, it has access to every focus, from the echoes of knowledge of life after death. This foe is very deadly, consider it only for high levels, or those who are overly foolish or brave.

You can choose to have armour on yours or not.

Because this is a live file, I always have the option of tweaking it from further playtesting, so before you print it for use, make sure you hold the current version!


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