[Beyond Dragon Age] AGE of the Rising Sun


You’ve dug deep and helped the people of Japan with your donations toward relief from the March 11 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. For that we are incredibly grateful. We hope that those donations will help the people and nation of Japan recover from this natural disaster.

As promised, in recompense, we are releasing AGE of the Rising Sun, a 13-page collection of material bringing Mythic Japan to the AGE System. Inside you will find two backgrounds and six monsters, plus notes on weapons and armors. It was written by Josh Jarman and myself, Daniel M. Perez.



AGE of the Rising Sun: Donation Drive for Japan Earthquake Relief


On March 11, at 2:46 PM local time, Japan was hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, the strongest one to ever hit the country and among the top five most powerful earthquakes in recorded history. Some thirty minutes later, a massive 10-meter tsunami slammed against the northeast part of the country, bringing further devastation and destruction. When the waters receded, entire villages had been wiped clean off the map, and thousands of people had lost their lives. Even for a “first-world” country like Japan, this tragedy and the continuing aftermath are too much to handle alone.

The RPG and Hobby Gaming community has once again stepped up to the plate to help those in need around the world. DriveThruRPG is collecting donations for the Red Cross as well as featuring individual publishers who have put together deals to drive donations toward earthquake relief. We at the Dragon Age Oracle want to support these efforts as well.

For the next week (March 15-23), we are hosting the AGE of the Rising Sun Donation Drive. How do you participate? Simple:

  • We invite you to donate any amount you want to the charity of your choice collecting funds towards Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief efforts. Any amount and any charity will do (including those drives being hosted by DriveThruRPG linked to above).
  • Once you have donated, lets us know in the comments; let your action inspire others to do the same.

On March 24, in appreciation of all your generous donations, we will release AGE of the Rising Sun: Mythic Japan for the AGE System, a collection of material put together by Josh Jarman and Daniel M. Perez.

Help the people of Japan in their hour of need, and in one week grab your katana and enter the AGE of the Rising Sun.

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