Wolfgang Baur, Kobold-in-Chief at Kobold Quarterly magazine, has launched the newest Open Design project, the complete campaign setting of Midgard. Among the rules sets being considered for this massive undertaking we find the popular staples of Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, and a scrappy newcomer to the scene, the AGE System, the engine which powers the Dragon Age RPG. Not only that, AGE has surprised everyone by becoming one of the most popular choices among the patrons!

I’ve been a fan of Open Design since their second project, Castle Shadowcrag (geek boast alert: my one contribution as a patron to that project? I was the one who suggested to Wolfgang the name of the Shadow Fey, scathsidhe), and Midgard had already called my attention even before I read that another of my favorite designers, Jeff Grubb, would be a part of it, and that the AGE System was a possibility in terms of rules for the game world.

With all this in mind, I shot Wolfgang an email with some questions and he was gracious enough to take the time to answer them for the readers of the Dragon Age Oracle. Let’s see what the Prince of Midgard has to say.