Spell Trees Order – Player Resource

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Thanks Craig Brown for whipping this one up for you guys. This will help you choose your spells more efficiently and quickly based on pre-requirements. Please note, this is designed with the older tiered books, which is why they are referred to additionally.

Blood Magic Spell Tree

Creation Magic Spell Tree

Entropy Spell Tree

Primal Magic Spell Tree

Spirit Magic Spell Tree v2


[Beyond Dragon Age] Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Gungans


I continue my trolling of NewbieDM and his excellent Star Wars: AGE of Rebellion Dragon Age hack with a new background sure to be a favorite at everyone’s gaming table.

Perhaps next I should detail a Talent for “Shooting First” or some kind of mechanical benefit for simply yelling “NOOOOOOOOooooooo!”


My Character: Gwydion Ar Calennar


After not gaming since Gen Con, I am pee-in-my-pants excited about the Dragon Age game my friend Enrique (aka NewbieDM) will be running. I know absolutely nothing of the Dragon Age brand as I’ve never played the computer game, but the pen-n-paper RPG published by Green Ronin is just absolutely evocative in its retro-style to “old-school” roleplaying games and its simple treatment of the world of Dragon Age, which is all I need to get into it.

Enrique said to go ahead and build my character so after reading the Dragon Age RPG Player’s Guide, I came up with the following player character for the game. I’m sure once I sit down at the table and meet the rest of the players/party there will be tweaks, but this is my PC as it stands now. Without further ado, I give you Gwydion Ar Calennar O Stormhold.


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