The way that magic works in the world of Sanctuary has changed between the various Diablo games. In the original game, characters of any class could learn and cast the same spells. In Diablo II and Diablo III, that system is replaced by giving each class a progression of spells (or skills that cost mana) that are unique to the class. Because the computer games have freely altered the spellcasting systems, there really isn’t a canonical mechanic to spellcasting in the setting other than that it should consume a rechargeable resource such as mana.

For AGE of Terror, I plan to leave the Dragon Age RPG magic system largely intact in order to minimize the amount of work needed for the conversion. The existing system is already a mana-based spellcasting system that even includes mana potions (well, lyrium potions).

The one major change that I will be making is a re-working of the schools of magic. The Dragon Age RPG divides spells into several schools: creation, entropy, primal, and spirit. While those may work well for a game set in Thedas, that division of magic doesn’t have any resonance with the lore of Diablo. Based on the spellcasting classes in the computer games, an alternate division of magic spells seems necessary. Towards that end, I’ve created a new set of schools that can be used for AGE of Terror: arcane, death, elemental, hex, holy, and nature. A given mage will only have access to spells from a few of the schools based on their background, and any spells from other schools cannot be learned or cast by that mage.