Dragon Age gets in a nice one-two punch combination with these two stories, sure to get all fans excited.

Dragon Age RPG: Set 2

Green Ronin has finally released information about Set 2 for the Dragon Age Roleplaying Game. Though a release date is still not listed, there is already a product page on the Green Ronin Online Catalog/Web Store which reveals a few nice tidbits.

Update, Feb 25: As reported at ICv2, Dragon Age RPG: Set 2 has been set to release in May, 2011.

First of all, we finally get to see the fantastic cover for Set 2 (right): a female warrior (Grey Warden, possibly?) possessed of mighty rage (and perhaps some magical power?) delivers impaling justice to an ogre. Violent, and to the point of what Set 2 is all about: getting you to a level of experience where you can start tackling the darkspawn head on, perhaps even as a Grey Warden yourself.