Fighting Fantasy Conversion ‘Dungeoneer’ Part 2


I covered the hunt for Xorton Throg as found in the book ‘Dungeoneer’ by the always eminent Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. The link for part 1 – https://dragonageoracle.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/fighting-fantasy-to-age-conversion-dungeoneer-part-1/

But now I’ve managed to do away with the handwritten copy pages (yeah, sorry about that, but they were GM notes), and I have gotten Part 2 down on a nice file for you instead.

You can access it here – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y18VG3pZ-6P8hAUGcVzMjYn7f8SvGSbmYTaNNt8_qGg/edit

With the incredible lack of material around for Dragon Age, every little helps. ‘Blacksand’ too will be forthcoming.


Fighting Fantasy Conversion To Dragon Age

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This is a post pointing you in the direction of the video that explains what exactly I’ve done here.

I’ve taken the first adventure ‘The Wishing Well’ from Steve Jackson’s Fighting Fantasy book (a retro title aimed at getting you to GM a group as opposed to the usual solo play books they wrote!) and converted this for usage in Dragon Age for my group.

Here’s a video setting the whole thing up and explaining what this is about –

What now follows is the actual session Vidcast where I discuss how the session worked out for my group.


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