Spell Trees Order – Player Resource

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Thanks Craig Brown for whipping this one up for you guys. This will help you choose your spells more efficiently and quickly based on pre-requirements. Please note, this is designed with the older tiered books, which is why they are referred to additionally.

Blood Magic Spell Tree

Creation Magic Spell Tree

Entropy Spell Tree

Primal Magic Spell Tree

Spirit Magic Spell Tree v2


[Beyond Dragon Age] AGE of Terror: Fallen Ones


In the Diablo games, the player’s character is often faced with large hordes of enemies that they need to quickly defeat before being overwhelmed. In order to help support that in the AGE system, I’ve been tinkering with monsters with low health that heroes should be able to easily defeat in 1 or 2 hits. The first set of monsters I’ve worked on using these ideas are the fallen ones which often appear in large groups early in both Diablo and Diablo II. The basic fallen one is a minion-type monster that is likely to fall to a single blow, but it can be paired with more powerful champions and shamans.

I’m interested to hear what other people think about this approach, so please leave comments with your opinion on the concept.

Fallen Ones

The fallen, impish terrors created by Baal, have emerged from beneath the monastery in Tristram and spread throughout the Western Kingdoms. The small demons, sometimes referred to as carvers or devilkin, are often encountered in large packs that roam the countryside seeking to murder and ransack. These packs are often led by shamans who have mastered several basic spells that allow them to hold sway over their less intelligent kin.


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