Videogame to Tabletop: Campaign Journal 1


So I’ve decided that my Dragon Age campaign will switch to following the story line (albeit a bit altered) of the videogame.  My 5 players are level 5, and we’ve gone through most of the published adventures, which I believe springboard nicely into getting noticed by the Grey Wardens.  I wanted to chronicle my conversion of the video game unto the tabletop, so I’m going to do it here at the Dragon Age Oracle, the web’s best place for Dragon Age content outside of Green Ronin’s site.

I’ll pick up the story after finishing the adventure included in Set 2, “The Autumn Falls”.  There, they caught the attention of the Nevarran Grey Warden Commander, who instructed them to go to Ostagar and meet The Ferelden Commander, Duncan.  Behind the scenes, Duncan already knew about this group of people because they had helped stop a Darkspawn assault on the Avvarian village of Redhold, and had defeated a Desire Demon in Denerim.  Duncan was waiting.  The party’s journey towards their fate would begin in the port city of Amaranthine, where the ship bringing them from Nevarra back to Ferelden docked….

Campaign Journal 1



Esoterica of Thedas Volumes 1, 2 and 3


We have posted before about the amazing fan work done by a group of Australian Dragon Age fans who created a series of books known as the Esoterica of Thedas. Since posting the initial links, they have finished all three volumes and revised them, then moved the files to a different location. I have received a number of emails about the broken links so I went ahead and contacted them to get new links for you.

You can now download all three volumes of the Esoterica of Thedas from these links below. Enjoy them for the great labor of love they are and for how much more of Thedas they bring to the Dragon Age RPG. All links are to PDF files.


Dragon Age RPG Set 3 Open Playtest

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Green Ronin has now released the Open Playtest document for the Dragon Age RPG Set 3, covering levels of play from 11 to 20. Having gotten a great response to their open playtest of Set 2, and knowing the limitations of licensed material, they have gone ahead and released a good amount of the material to be featured in the third and last set of the Dragon Age RPG. To quote their post:

If we could publish Set 3 tomorrow, we’d do it. Because we can’t, because it’s not ready, we’re repeating what we did for Set 2 and stress testing this new set by getting your input on it. This is our open public beta test of many of the game-mechanical aspects of Set 3, including rules for advancing Player Characters all the way to level 20!

Inside you’ll find an assortment of new components for the Dragon Age RPG, from talents to specializations, from spells to monsters. This all represents a sizable portion of the Set 3 manuscript—but still only a portion. So don’t fret if you something you were looking forward to in Set 3 isn’t in here—we’ve got a few surprises in store.

Remember, please, that only playtest responses emailed to the address in the package, with signed release forms, can be considered. We can’t count forum posts, blog posts, tweets, or similar messages as official playtest feedback. We’d appreciate it if you sent your serious critiques to us directly and remember that this is a work in progress.

So head over to Green Ronin and download the Set 3 Open Playtest today and start leveling up!

[Beyond Dragon Age] Mystara Adversary Compendium I


Dragon Age Oracle collaborator and AGE System wiz Byron Molix hits it out of the park once more with his new project, the  for AGE.

You will remember that Byron is the author of Mystara: The Known World, a campaign setting that brings the classic D&D world to the AGE System. Now Byron unleashes a collection of 112 classic creatures perfect for the Mystara setting or any fantasy world. The creatures in the compendium follow the alternate rules set up in the Mystara campaign document, but they can be easily converted back to “default” AGE with very little adjusting.

Follow the link below, download your copy of the Mystara Adversary Compendium I, and bring a classic adventure-gaming monster back to your table today. My favorite? Two words: porcine orcs!


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