[March Monster Madness] The Reaper

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Reapers are spirits that feed off the life force of the living. They are often enslaved by powerful mages and used to track down someone that the mage considers important. These creatures can be invaluable tools as they can take on the form of those that they reap and gain all of that persons knowledge and secrets. Reapers can also be used in a ritual as a means for a mage to take on and impersonate a subject and usurp positions of power and authority. The subject of the reaping does not need to be kept alive for the ritual to remain effective.

Abilities (Focuses)
Communication 0
Constitution 0
Cunning 0
Dexterity 4 (Claws, Stealth)
Magic 6 (Reaping)
Perception 4 (Seeking)
Willpower 0

Combat Ratings

Speed: Fly 18
HP: 50
Defence: 14
AR: 0

Claws +6 (1D6 + 6 penetrating damage)

Favoured Stunts: Seize The Initiative, Lightning Attack.

Spectral: Reapers are spectral beings, largely immune to physical harm. Magic and magical weapons affect them normally. An attacker can also perform a special spectral attack stunt for 3 SP when attacking a Reaper, which allows a normal attack to inflict its typical damage, with Magic being the ability used in the damage calculation.

Soul Seeker: The Reaper uses Perception (Seeking) in place of Perception (Tracking) for the purpose of tracking a target.

Reaping: The claws of a Reaper pierce both the flesh and the spirit. After a successful Claws attack a Reaper can immediately attempt one of 3 Reapings: Reap the Body, Reap the Mind, or Reap the Soul.

  • Reap the Body: The Reaper makes a Magic (Reaping) vs. Constitution (Stamina) test against the subject of the reaping. If the Reaper succeeds it gains 1D3 advancement points in Constitution as well as any Constitution focuses that the subject possesses.
  • Reap the Mind: The Reaper makes a Magic (Reaping) vs. Cunning (Arcane Lore) test against the subject of the reaping. If the Reaper succeeds it gains 1D3 advancement points in Cunning as well as any Cunning focuses that the subject possesses.
  • Reap the Soul: The Reaper makes a Magic (Reaping) vs. Willpower (Self-Discipline) test against the subject of the reaping. If the Reaper succeeds it gains 1D3 advancement points in Willpower as well as any Willpower focuses that the subject possesses.

Reave: If a Reaper successful performs Reap the Body, Reap the Mind, and Reap the Soul attack on a single target then they can reave the spirit of that target as a major action. The target suffers 3D6+10 penetrating damage and suffers -1 to all social interactions and Willpower tests until the Reaper has been killed or their spirit has been recovered. After a successful Reave attack the Reaper will do one of two things:

  • Doppleganger: The Reaper can take a major action and, for all intents and purposes, become the target that was the subject of the Reave attack. The Reaper takes on the appearance of the target and has all their knowledge and memories, as well as duplicates of their possessions and gear. The Reapers abilities and combat scores also match those of the subject (even if this decreases them), but the Reaper’s attacks are penetrating. The Reaper can return to its original form as a major action.
  • Flee: If the Reaper is under the control of another and has been sent to reap the specific spirit of the subject of the Reave attack, then it immediately attempts to flee and return to its master.

[Review] Midgard Bestiary for AGE


Open Design has just released the Midgard Bestiary, a collection of 50 monsters from their own Midgard setting, brought into the AGE System.

Bestiary PDF bought and read. I shall now attempt a review.

First off the layout. It’s really nice and simple. Each creature has a nice chunky stat block which takes up usually around half a page, the other half being taken up with creature fluff and description and a nice piece of artwork. Apart from the great looking cover there’s only a spattering of colour within the book, which is fine because I assume those who would print it would print in black and white. So you won’t miss much.

The artwork itself is nice. Generally strong throughout. Some pieces have clearly had more time put into them than others but there is something fitting about the sketch-like look of the less complete pieces. That isn’t to say you’re looking at an unfinished stick man; all the pieces serve to give you a strong idea of how the creatures should look.


Stunt Man


Well I don’t know about you fine people but one of the things I immediately fell in love with when I first ran the Dragon Age RPG for my group was the stunt mechanic. Those first Blight Wolves outside Vintiver in The Dalish Curse nearly decimated my players, but then the tide of battle flowed back their way and they swiftly cut down the snarling beasts. I’ve heard a few players say that this first encounter nearly turned them off the RPG as a whole but for me anyway this is when I decided that Unisystem had been knocked off it’s perch as my favourite RPG and Dragon Age now reigned supreme.

Of course the stunts aren’t the only reason I love Dragon Age. I could go on about the intriguing world Bioware have created with it’s dark fantasy edge, or the simplicity and retro feel that Green Ronin gave us in their ruleset. But then I’d be babbling and keeping you fine people from the purpose of this post.

Within a week or two of playing the pen and paper RPG and still heavily enamoured with the CRPG I decided to expand on the stunt list. I looked to the CRPG for inspiration and went about transferring as many as the abilities from the Dragon Age: Origins game to be used as stunts in GR’s RPG. They seemed to go down a treat as a year later I got messages of support from people and requests for more.

So here we are. I’ve readdressed some issues with the original stunts I created and clarified some points, and I’ve also added a whole page of new stunts: Mage, Unarmed and Special. I hope everyone enjoys them and they bring more fun and excitement to the fast paced combat of Dragon Age.


Dragon Age New Stunts by Saisei (PDF; 6.8 MB)


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