The Dragon Age Oracle wants to engage the Dragon Age RPG community at large. We are all fans of the game, and we all have stories to tell, ideas to share and maybe some new rules to let loose upon Thedas and beyond. To that end, the Dragon Age Oracle will take submissions for posts on the site from interested parties.

Submissions will be unpaid and remain the property of the writer (beyond the copyrighted material included). We are looking for play reports, reviews, new game material, advice on adapting Dragon Age/AGE System to other genres/game styles, visual and/or written inspiration, maps, etc. We will also consider audio recordings of Dragon Age game sessions, but those will require more care, so details will be forthcoming.

To Submit Written Pieces:

  • Please send your Dragon Age RPG/AGE System submission to robafett@gmail.com.
  • Write in the Subject of your email: [Submission] Title Of Your Submission.
  • Include a one-sentence summary of what your submission is about.
  • Copy-Paste or Attach your submission to the email. Please only use the following formats: TXT, DOC, RTF.
  • Include your name, email and any URL you’d like us to link your submission to (your blog, etc).

So, for example, if I were submitting a review of Blood in Ferelden, I would send an email to the address above; the subject of my email would read: [Submission] Review of Blood in Ferelden; the first sentence in the body of the email would read: A review of Blood in Ferelden by Green Ronin; I’d attach or copy-paste my review; and I’d close with my name, email and my URL.

Once we receive your submission, we’ll go over it and get back to you letting you know if/when we’ll run it. At the moment, the Dragon Age Oracle is on a 1-2 posts a week schedule, so be patient.

If you have a particular artwork in mind for your submission, include a link or attach it to the email as well. If not, don’t worry, we’ll do the formatting. If your submission requires heavy formatting (e.g. tables, nested paragraphs, etc), we may contact you again to help us format your piece.

Lastly, if you have any questions, just email us to dragonageoracle @ gmail.com and we’ll do our best to help.

We look forward to growing the Dragon Age Oracle together.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. rschweik
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 14:12:06

    I asked previously about actual play podcasts of DArpg being posted here, and the response was that “we are working on it”. I can find none. Neither here, nor anywhere else on the internet, save for one: the pantsless gamers actual play podcast. Monsieur Perez, do you know of any?
    A section for “players seeking players” would be a nice Tag.
    I live in nowhere, nj and have no group to play with, so i need my fix!



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