Environmental Stunts


With Hurricane Irene churning away in the Atlantic Ocean this week, my thoughts turned to adverse weather and its effects. The scene of a battle in the midst of pouring rain, say like the Battle of Helms Deep in the Lord of the Rings movies, is one of those atmospheric pieces (no pun intended) that amp up the drama of any situation and that, by all means, should be brought to a game. But how exactly? It could be done entirely in description, with the weather simply being there for mood. It could be done with pages and pages of weather-specific rules that detail every single possible effect of rain on the field of battle. Or it could be done with a combination of the two that brings mood into the scene and adds some rules for that extra effect borne out of the specific environmental situation. In short, Environmental Stunts.

These kinds of Stunts were introduced in an adventure in the Blood in Ferelden sourcebook (I won’t say where or in what context to avoid spoilers) to great effect. During the battle in which they are relevant, these specially available Stunts offer players specific neat effects that enhance the drama of the combat in ways which make sense given where/what they are fighting. The idea is a fantastic one and worthy of extrapolating to other areas.



Cards, Cards, and More Cards

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Greetings from a new fan of the Dragon Age RPG! I’m Icharbezol, or Ed for short.

In this post I’ll be presenting to the community some gaming aids I have created for my upcoming campaign. Inspired by Green Ronin’s Combat Cards and Quick Reference Sheets,  and ingrained habits from thirty plus years of gaming, I’ve gone back in my time machine to a day when I tracked almost every detail about my campaigns on index cards.

Each of these items is based upon a 3×5 index card template created in Microsoft Word, with three cards to a page. Each has a front, to be filled out by player or GM, detailing the specific subject matter of the card. Each also has a back, with a Dragon Age image and the stamp of whatever sort of specific item or event the card is meant to track. Printed on card stock and kept in a meticulously organized recipe box, I’m certain they will help me get everything organized for the reign of terror I intend to inflict upon my hapless gaming group. I’m only too happy to share with others, in the hopes that these cards can assist you, the reader, in beginning (or continuing, or surviving) your own campaign of shock and awe.


Dragon Age at Gen Con 2011

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Gen Con

The best four days in gaming have now come and gone. This year brought a new Exhibitor’s Hall, an expanded convention center and record-breaking crowds of gamers enjoying the annual gathering of the tribe.

Dragon Age RPG got good representation in the sea of gaming awesomeness. Green Ronin was certainly promoting it hard at their booth, given they had Set 2 hot off the printers. From what I heard, sales of Set 2 (and of Set 1 for that matter) were hot, and some titles were sold out by Sunday. In addition, Green Ronin staff were running short demos of Dragon Age RPG at the booth all weekend long, getting more and more people hooked on the game and the mechanics.

Though there were no official games of Dragon Age RPG on the schedule, there were quite a few unofficial and impromptu ones being played. Contributor Enrique “NewbieDM” Bertran ran two sessions of the adventure in the Dragon Age RPG Quickstart given out during Free RPG Day (also available on PDF from Green Ronin). Both groups consisted of people who were new to the game and had been wanting to try it out. By all accounts both games were an entertaining success and we now have new fans in our midst. We also received word of a late-night game at one of the hotels, so for sure Dragon Age was being played about the convention.

For next year’s Gen Con, we at the Dragon Age Oracle will try to get more official games organized. That means that by January of 2012 (and don’t laugh, that’s right around the corner) we’ll put out an open call that we hope you will answer. Let’s get more Dragon Age RPG awesomeness into the official Gen Con schedule in addition to all the great side games that are sure to happen.

Here is a social media snapshot of Dragon Age at Gen Con

Dragon Age Display by Green Ronin
Photo by Daniel M Perez on flickr

RT @Pramas: Dragon Age in the house. #darpg http://lockerz.com/s/126322635 #GenCon
Photo by DragonAgeOracle on twitter

Off to Gen Con!

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I am off to Gen Con in a few hours, so there won’t be any new posts for the next two weeks (yes, it’s THAT kind of a party).

That said, I will try to bring updates related to Dragon Age RPG and AGE games going on at the con, as well as any info straight from Green Ronin Publishing, like pics of the hot-off-the-press Dragon Age RPG Set 2.

Follow us on Twitter at @DragonAgeOracle and for the can’t-make-it-to-Gen-Con crowd, follow the show I will be producing from the convention, This Just In… From Gen Con, also on Twitter at @TJIGenCon.

See you in Indy!

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