Spell Trees Order – Player Resource

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Thanks Craig Brown for whipping this one up for you guys. This will help you choose your spells more efficiently and quickly based on pre-requirements. Please note, this is designed with the older tiered books, which is why they are referred to additionally.

Blood Magic Spell Tree

Creation Magic Spell Tree

Entropy Spell Tree

Primal Magic Spell Tree

Spirit Magic Spell Tree v2


AGE RPG System Community For Google Plus

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I would like to recommend the AGE system community on Google plus for anyone looking to meet other AGE GMs and share resources/homebrews. The very existence of this community now somewhat lessens the need for Oracle to even be, but that’s okay! I have been using Oracle to put up lots of my own ideas used in personal campaigns, and this page achieves the same thing. Get over there and become a part of it!

AGE on Google Plus

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