[Beyond Dragon Age] Mystara Adversary Compendium I


Dragon Age Oracle collaborator and AGE System wiz Byron Molix hits it out of the park once more with his new project, the  for AGE.

You will remember that Byron is the author of Mystara: The Known World, a campaign setting that brings the classic D&D world to the AGE System. Now Byron unleashes a collection of 112 classic creatures perfect for the Mystara setting or any fantasy world. The creatures in the compendium follow the alternate rules set up in the Mystara campaign document, but they can be easily converted back to “default” AGE with very little adjusting.

Follow the link below, download your copy of the Mystara Adversary Compendium I, and bring a classic adventure-gaming monster back to your table today. My favorite? Two words: porcine orcs!



[Beyond Dragon Age] Mystara: The Known World


Beyond Dragon Age is a series exploring using the AGE System for anything other than the Dragon Age RPG, whether it is differing styles of fantasy, or other genres altogether.

I admit it: from the moment I internalized enough of the Dragon Age rules to realize they had the just the right flavor of complexity I want in my games of late, I started thinking how to apply them to port over elements from that other fantasy roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, D&D is a game in its own right, but it’s also its own genre almost, with its own tropes and conceits, settings and monsters that carry through editions in order to make the games “feel” like D&D. That is what I began to think about.

Frankly, the prospect seemed daunting the more I thought about it, and I simply filed it in the back of my mind. Checking out the Green Ronin Dragon Age forums quickly showed that many others had had the same thought as the “D&D via AGE” thread was one of the most popular. But where I, and others, simply gave up the task as being too onerous, one forum member by the name of Siroh tackled it with the zeal of a paladin in hell. The result: Mystara for AGE.


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