The World of Thedas – Dragon Age Book


World of Thedas Cover Shot

The long-awaited Bioware official licensed product ‘The World of Thedas’ has at last arrived, in conjunction with Dark Horse Books.

The book itself is a hardback with 187 pages rendered in full colour quality paper and delightful imagery. There’s something here for you whether you’re a fan of the computer game itself or a content hungry Dragon Age AGE System RPG games master.

To take a brief tour of the inside of this book click here.


THE SHADOW BLOOM (AGE RPG Adventure) Levels 8-10

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Martin Garner and I decided to co-write an AGE module for use with our groups and share it with you guys. You can use this in the Dragon Age RPG (like we did) or any other AGE system. Suggested player levels are 8-10.

Animal companions are plot centric to this module as is survival against nature as a central theme.

Hope you enjoy the opportunity to play a module that is a little different, where the land itself is as dangerous as any foe and hyper realistic survival elements come to the fore.

To save a version of this that you want, click file in the top left and choose a format to download.

See you at the table!


Please note, the version you can see isn’t quite as well formatted as the version in my document page, but odd things happened via the share transition process.

Keep tabs on me via my blog here: http://robert-james-freemantle.blogspot.co.uk/

Fighting Fantasy To AGE Conversion – ‘Dungeoneer’ Part 1

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The following is a Fighting Fantasy Dungeoneer book conversion into the Age RPG system.

These are my rough paper notes from my personal conversion use. I decided to scan them to make them available to anyone interested.


Dragon Age RPG Behind The Scenes Pictures

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Here on the blog are two exclusive recent pictures from my Dragon Age RPG gaming sessions and prep.

First we see what my table looks like while I’m creating a conversion to DA. This time, Fighting Fantasy’s Dungeoneer:

Next we look at the white board drawing for the battle of Redhold we recently ran. They had to hold this wall against waves of darkspawn at all costs. There was a cost to pay too, Oof and Paedar indeed did fall at this battle. Here’s the detail of how it was drawn out for miniatures to be put atop it:

Fighting Fantasy Conversion To Dragon Age

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This is a post pointing you in the direction of the video that explains what exactly I’ve done here.

I’ve taken the first adventure ‘The Wishing Well’ from Steve Jackson’s Fighting Fantasy book (a retro title aimed at getting you to GM a group as opposed to the usual solo play books they wrote!) and converted this for usage in Dragon Age for my group.

Here’s a video setting the whole thing up and explaining what this is about –

What now follows is the actual session Vidcast where I discuss how the session worked out for my group.


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