Dragon Age at Gen Con 2011

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Gen Con

The best four days in gaming have now come and gone. This year brought a new Exhibitor’s Hall, an expanded convention center and record-breaking crowds of gamers enjoying the annual gathering of the tribe.

Dragon Age RPG got good representation in the sea of gaming awesomeness. Green Ronin was certainly promoting it hard at their booth, given they had Set 2 hot off the printers. From what I heard, sales of Set 2 (and of Set 1 for that matter) were hot, and some titles were sold out by Sunday. In addition, Green Ronin staff were running short demos of Dragon Age RPG at the booth all weekend long, getting more and more people hooked on the game and the mechanics.

Though there were no official games of Dragon Age RPG on the schedule, there were quite a few unofficial and impromptu ones being played. Contributor Enrique “NewbieDM” Bertran ran two sessions of the adventure in the Dragon Age RPG Quickstart given out during Free RPG Day (also available on PDF from Green Ronin). Both groups consisted of people who were new to the game and had been wanting to try it out. By all accounts both games were an entertaining success and we now have new fans in our midst. We also received word of a late-night game at one of the hotels, so for sure Dragon Age was being played about the convention.

For next year’s Gen Con, we at the Dragon Age Oracle will try to get more official games organized. That means that by January of 2012 (and don’t laugh, that’s right around the corner) we’ll put out an open call that we hope you will answer. Let’s get more Dragon Age RPG awesomeness into the official Gen Con schedule in addition to all the great side games that are sure to happen.

Here is a social media snapshot of Dragon Age at Gen Con

Dragon Age Display by Green Ronin
Photo by Daniel M Perez on flickr

RT @Pramas: Dragon Age in the house. #darpg http://lockerz.com/s/126322635 #GenCon
Photo by DragonAgeOracle on twitter


Launching The Summer of Stunts!

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The summer convention season is upon us and it’s time to roll some dice! During the next three months gamers all over will be battling hordes of darkspawn and performing feats of heroism, whether at home, their local store or one of the big summer gaming conventions, Origins and Gen Con. We want to see Dragon Age played to the hilt and thus we are launching the Summer of Stunts!

During the months of June, July and August, we want you to play as much Dragon Age (or your AGE inspired hack) as much as you can. We want to see those dice rolling and we want to see Stunts being performed! When you play, record the number of Stunt Points generated per session and the Stunts performed by the heroes, then come back and let us know in the Summer of Stunts page. Or you can grab the image to the right and write your own blog post linking back to us. On Twitter, be sure to boast by using the hashtag #daosos.

At the end of August, we’ll tally up the results and see how many Stunt Points and Stunts were performed and bask in the glory of all those heroic feats.

We have set up sign-up pages for Origins 2011 and Gen Con 2011 so you can add the info of any games you are running at the two summer conventions, whether these are scheduled events or after-hours games. Help spread the awesomeness of Dragon Age and the AGE System by running the game for fellow gamers!

May you have a great summer gaming season and an awesome Summer of Stunts!

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