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Dragon Age: The Harsh Winter (Survival Adventure)

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Martin Garner and Robert James Freemantle bring you the survival themed follow up to ‘The Shadow Bloom’ as previously released here. This time the survival elements focus on a snowy scene, where the land itself is the true danger and combats are rare – everything is too cold to come fight you, therefore hiding away, but your group won’t get the chance – they must travel to safety before the Winter takes its full toll on food and supplies.

As always, use whatever elements you want to. If there’s something you don’t like, don’t use it. This is the module the way I ran it for my group, but bear in mind it is recommended as a tier 3 level of difficulty. If some of the target numbers look high, such as TN 19, again, my group were capable of rolling this, and indeed completed it with no fatalities, but they’re a clever lot anyway…


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