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Just a quick post to let you know we have resolved the problems with the site and the URL.

The custom URL dragonageoracle.com no longer directs to this site. You must use the more generic dragonageoracle.wordpress.com URL. All the content is still here, however, so fear not!

I know the oracle has been dormant for a while, but we’re passing the baton to a new admin who has good plans for the site and will continue posting awesome stuff for Dragon Age RPG and the AGE System. Stay tuned.


Chant of Light: A Dragon Age RPG Podcast

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There’s a new podcast that’s made specifically for you, fan of the Dragon Age RPG! It’s called Chant of Light, and you can find it at www.chantoflight.com. Hosts Vince, Alex, Mindy, and Tiz have three episodes already up exploring different aspects of the game. You can also follow the podcast on Google+!

Go ahead and give it a listen!

Dragon Age RPG on TABLETOP: Interviews and Gag Reel

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In addition to an hour of the cast of Wil Wheaton’s TableTop playing Dragon Age RPG, the producers recorded additional footage. Below are some interviews with the players and a gag reel for the episode.

If you enjoyed these videos, please visit and Like them on YouTube and consider subscribing to the GeekAndSundry YouTube Channel, so we can get even more cool shows like this in the future.


Dragon Age RPG on Wil Wheaton’s TABLETOP Part 2

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Here is the second part of the cast of TableTop playing Dragon Age RPG. The video runs 35 minutes.

Next up we’ll post some additional interviews as well as a gag reel.

Dragon Age RPG on Wil Wheaton’s TABLETOP

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Ever wanted to know how to play the Dragon Age RPG? Wil Wheaton, Chris Pramas and friends are here to show you. The roleplaying game has been featured on the web show Table Top and you can now view it.

This is part 1 and runs about half an hour. We will post part 2 as well, along with extra interviews. Enjoy!

Interview With Dragon Age RPG Developer Jack Norris

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gr-logoThe Polish website Przystań Szarego Strażnika just posted an interview with new Dragon Age RPG Developer Jack Norris. They were also nice enough to include a version in English towards the bottom of the page. Drop by and see what Jack has to say about joining the Green Ronin family and about the upcoming Dragon Age RPG products.

Przystań Szarego Strażnika – Wywiad z Jackiem Norrisem (Interview with Jack Norris)

AGE System Google+ Community Now Open

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AGE-SystemGoogle+ introduced the new feature of Communities recently and it is a good one: think of a clubhouse where you can have discussions, share posts, plan events and hang out, all with people sharing your one specific topic of interest. Even before I could say “Awesome,” someone had already built a Community for fans of the AGE System.

Head over to the AGE RPG System Community on Google+ and join in the conversation. They have shared with the group links to some resources that have been around for a bit, but there is also new topics being discussed all the time.

As I head into my last semester of nursing school and barely have time to sleep, the AGE G+ Community is a great place to get your continuing dose of AGE System/Dragon Age RPG talk and articles. I hope you’ll join in.

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