Treasure Chest

Every so often, something wonderful happens on Twitter: amidst the usual online sarcasm and pics of lunch dishes, a meme emerges that is actually cool and of lasting value (lasting meaning longer than it takes to read the tweet and chuckle). #TweetTreasure is one such meme.

Created by Daniel Solis, the meme entails tweeting a treasure in less than 140 characters (including the #TweetTreasure hashtag). The offerings so far have leaned towards the fantastic-but-with-a-small-price, which makes them fairly interesting. There’s no mechanics attached to them, so these could be adapted to any game.

I have included some Tweet Treasures below which I felt were thematically appropriate for the Dragon Age RPG setting and power level. Feel free to stat them up for your own games; it shouldn’t be too hard to assign mechanics to these words. And of course, take a look at the #TweetTreasure hashtag for many more treasures.