[Beyond Dragon Age] Star Wars: AGE of Rebellion – The Wookie


Apparently Enrique has gotten inspired by the Force. What has been a bunch of notes for a while have suddenly begun to fly around as draft sections of a conversion document for Star Wars: AGE of Rebellion. We already saw The Scoundrel base class, and now Enrique shows us one of the iconic races of the Star Wars universe, the Wookie, as a background for heroic characters.

While this preview only shows the Wookie background, you can deduce a few things about Enrique’s approach to some of the Star Wars staples and how he intends to deal with those in his conversion (Force sensitivity, I’m looking at you). The background is versatile enough that it can yield good old Chewbacca (Wookie soldier) as well as a variety of Wookie archetypes.



[Beyond Dragon Age] Star Wars: AGE of Rebellion – The Scoundrel


Regular contributor Enrique, aka NewbieDM, has been threatening to do an AGE System conversion of Star Wars since we both got Set 1. He’s worked on it on and off for a few months, and I’ve very much enjoyed seeing where he’s taking things.

Enrique will be wrapping up his Dragon Age RPG home game based around the plot of Dragon Age: Origins soon, and his group decided they would play Star Wars next. While they have yet to decide which version of Star Wars to use, Enrique went back to his notes and continued doodling away at his conversion. I woke up to find a string of tweets from him on the subject, including what he is finally naming his project: Star Wars: AGE of Rebellion.


[March Monster Madness] The Reaper

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Reapers are spirits that feed off the life force of the living. They are often enslaved by powerful mages and used to track down someone that the mage considers important. These creatures can be invaluable tools as they can take on the form of those that they reap and gain all of that persons knowledge and secrets. Reapers can also be used in a ritual as a means for a mage to take on and impersonate a subject and usurp positions of power and authority. The subject of the reaping does not need to be kept alive for the ritual to remain effective.

Abilities (Focuses)
Communication 0
Constitution 0
Cunning 0
Dexterity 4 (Claws, Stealth)
Magic 6 (Reaping)
Perception 4 (Seeking)
Willpower 0

Combat Ratings

Speed: Fly 18
HP: 50
Defence: 14
AR: 0

Claws +6 (1D6 + 6 penetrating damage)

Favoured Stunts: Seize The Initiative, Lightning Attack.

Spectral: Reapers are spectral beings, largely immune to physical harm. Magic and magical weapons affect them normally. An attacker can also perform a special spectral attack stunt for 3 SP when attacking a Reaper, which allows a normal attack to inflict its typical damage, with Magic being the ability used in the damage calculation.

Soul Seeker: The Reaper uses Perception (Seeking) in place of Perception (Tracking) for the purpose of tracking a target.

Reaping: The claws of a Reaper pierce both the flesh and the spirit. After a successful Claws attack a Reaper can immediately attempt one of 3 Reapings: Reap the Body, Reap the Mind, or Reap the Soul.

  • Reap the Body: The Reaper makes a Magic (Reaping) vs. Constitution (Stamina) test against the subject of the reaping. If the Reaper succeeds it gains 1D3 advancement points in Constitution as well as any Constitution focuses that the subject possesses.
  • Reap the Mind: The Reaper makes a Magic (Reaping) vs. Cunning (Arcane Lore) test against the subject of the reaping. If the Reaper succeeds it gains 1D3 advancement points in Cunning as well as any Cunning focuses that the subject possesses.
  • Reap the Soul: The Reaper makes a Magic (Reaping) vs. Willpower (Self-Discipline) test against the subject of the reaping. If the Reaper succeeds it gains 1D3 advancement points in Willpower as well as any Willpower focuses that the subject possesses.

Reave: If a Reaper successful performs Reap the Body, Reap the Mind, and Reap the Soul attack on a single target then they can reave the spirit of that target as a major action. The target suffers 3D6+10 penetrating damage and suffers -1 to all social interactions and Willpower tests until the Reaper has been killed or their spirit has been recovered. After a successful Reave attack the Reaper will do one of two things:

  • Doppleganger: The Reaper can take a major action and, for all intents and purposes, become the target that was the subject of the Reave attack. The Reaper takes on the appearance of the target and has all their knowledge and memories, as well as duplicates of their possessions and gear. The Reapers abilities and combat scores also match those of the subject (even if this decreases them), but the Reaper’s attacks are penetrating. The Reaper can return to its original form as a major action.
  • Flee: If the Reaper is under the control of another and has been sent to reap the specific spirit of the subject of the Reave attack, then it immediately attempts to flee and return to its master.

[March Monster Madness] And The 2012 Winner Is…


March Monster Madness 2012 is over. This year I had 10 different monsters to choose from and the contestants did not disappoint. In the end, however, only one could be crowned winner.

Though a few critters really got me cackling with glee, three monsters tugged at my evil GM heartstrings the most: the Reaper, the One-Of-Many-Eyes, and the Flesh Legion.

The One-Of-Many-Eyes filled me with evil nostalgia, for who doesn’t love those floating orbs of multi-ocular death?

The Reaper was deceptive in its lethality until I caught on to its deadly versatility.

The Flesh Legion was just creepy to the core and I know I will have nightmares that will feature it.

So who was the winner?


The Wyvern: New Dragon Age DLC from Green Ronin

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You remember how earlier this year Chris Pramas teased that there would be small DLC (downloadable content) products for the Dragon Age RPG? Well, the first one has just hit the streets!

Creatures of Thedas: The Wyvern is a 5-page product detailing a new creature for the Dragon Age RPG.

Infamous for ferocity, the wyverns of Thedas are legendary to commoner and king alike. Bring these fearsome creatures from the “Mark of the Assassin” video-game DLC to your Dragon Age tabletop RPG campaign with this PDF containing complete statistics, game-world lore, and information on the notorious and rare hallucinogenic liquor concocted from wyvern venom.

The DLC includes information on appearance and behavior, folklore and cultural lore (especially for Orlesians), wyvern poison, tips on incorporating it into play and scaling suggestions. At first glance it looks like a solid and complete package on this one creature, and well worth the price.

I love the format and I can’t wait to see what more we’ll get from the team at Green Ronin down the line.

Go buy it today!

Explorer, Protector, Soldier, Spy!


Explorer by Chris Ocampo.

You can never be too young, too rich or have too many specializations. Here are four specializations I’ve been developing as part of my Eberron mod for the AGE system, which in turn is based on Josh Jarman’sDragon Hack.’ Some of the inspiration for these came from Pathfinder prestige class powers, 4th edition paragon paths and random creative thoughts. Hope you like them!


Mage, Rogue and Warrior Specialization

Explorers yearn to discover new lands and peoples, sometimes for fame and glory but often just for the sheer joy of finding something new. They are adaptable, and are never satisfied with staying in one place for long.

Explorer Talent

Class: Mage, Rogue or Warrior.

Requirement: You must have Cunning and Perception 3 or higher.

Novice: You have a knack for finding your way. You gain a +1 bonus to all Cunning (Cartography), Cunning (Navigation) and Perception (Searching) tests when trying to find or follow a path or directions, or read a map.

Journeyman: Your travels have made you resourceful. You can perform the Resources at Hand stunt for 3 SP rather than the usual 4.

Master: Travelling far has made you quick to learn. You can learn a new language in half the time it usually takes, and can ‘get by’ in only week or so. You love to seek out the new, gaining a +1 bonus to all Cunning (Cultural Lore) and Cunning (Navigation) tests when in a region or country you have never been to before. This bonus applies for a month or so, or until the GM rules you have started to settle there.


[March Monster Madness] Contest Ends

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March Monster Madness: the AGE System Monster Design Challenge has come to an end!

Thanks to all who participated this year. I will be gathering the entries and reading through them. You can find a preliminary list of contestants by perusing the comments to the opening post.

The winner will be posted up on April 11, 2012.

Good luck to all.

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