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Perhaps one of the worst things for new and old game masters alike, is the lack of feedback you can get on all your hard work.  For game masters (GMs), new ones in particular, they can begin to question their own worth to the players.  This in turn leads to despair, then to fear of not being the best thing for the group, and then either the Dark Side or the end of the game…I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.


Regardless, simple steps can be taken to ensure the GM’s spirits are buoyed and the campaign is both rich and worthwhile to all with the likes of an Adventure Feedback Form.

This form can be given to willing players (in return for a little game experience points if need be) and ask at least 3 simple and short questions; What worked for you in this adventure?  What didn’t work for you in this adventure?  and What would you like to see in the future, any ideas or suggestions?  Then ask them to rate this adventure on a scale of 1 to 5.  If you make this a word doc form you print out for each player and hand out, perhaps at the bottom you could politely finish the form with, “thank you for your time, I will reward you with X experience points for helping me out” or some such.

I hope this helps both game masters and players alike.  Long may your adventures throughout Thedas continue…

But what do you think about such things?  Do you find you question yourself as a GM?  Do you think this feedback form idea will help?  Do you have ideas of your own to help resolve such concerns?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and leave a comment

(Editor – Thanks Martin, I just made a video about this subject of GM uncertainty, you can find that below)

Set 3 Now Available


This article gives you the important information as well as some advice.
Let’s get to the important information first.

The official product wording:

This is what Dragon Age RPG fans have been waiting for! Set 3 completes the core rules of the game, providing everything players need to take their characters from level 11 to 20. They will love new specializations like the chevalier, force mage, and shadow, plus new spells, talents, and backgrounds. Game Masters get a host of fearsome monsters to deploy, including stats for high dragons and the dreaded Archdemon itself. Set 3 also introduces rune magic for weapons and armor, and narrative rules for mass battles. And of course it wouldn’t be Dragon Age without lore, and Set 3 delivers on that score as well, with new info on Orlais, the Tevinter Imperium, and more. A full-length adventure and handy accessories complete the package, making Set 3 a must for any Dragon Age fan!

Here is a link to Green Ronin’s own store, for the PDF versionhttp://greenroninstore.com/collections/dragon-age-rpg/products/dragon-age-rpg-set-3-pdf

Here is a link to their print version - http://greenroninstore.com/collections/dragon-age-rpg/products/dragon-age-rpg-set-3-print

You will note that this of course runs up a lot of money if you are getting the print edition delivered outside of the U.S. delivery to UK for example was going to cost $20…

Several outlets will be offered set 3, but how timely they will be in making the product available is a matter with them, which means you are taking your chances.

The safe option is to get a guaranteed order with your local FLGS (friendly local game store).

However, things get a little more complicated. As before, GR are offering pre order deals on the print version, meaning if you buy it from them or one of their affiliated vendors (the vendor gives you a code) you can download the PDF version for just $5.

Things get even more complicated though, as they are claiming this run will be limited to 2,000 print copies, and another run may not happen. Although they are exploring POD (print on demand) options.

What all of this meant for me was concern that Amazon would take ages to stock it, and my local stores perhaps letting me down, and direct delivery too expensive to UK, I have purchased the PDF download version and I’ll just have to settle for that.

Let us know below what the rest of you non U.S. DA GMs are doing.

See you at the table!

set 3 img

‘Tier 1′ Suggested Adventure Path (Levels 1-5)

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A good many RPGs assume one of two things: The PCs have known each other for a long time and have been travelling together for almost as long, or the PCs just decide to adventure together on a permanent basis after coming together for a single mission.
A good way to get the PCs to stick together is to give them a patron to work for. In Dragon Age: Blood in Fereldan, the PCs will run into Bann Nicola Baranti but more on her part in this set-up later.

The first adventure you should consider running is ‘An Arl’s Ransom’ which can be found in the free PDF Quick Start Guide: http://grfiles.game-host.org/dragon_age_rpg/DragonAgeRPGQuickstartGuide.pdf
We moved on to “The Dalish Curse” next.
This sets up the PCs to at least arrive in Denerim where you can run a scaled down version of ‘A Fragile Web’ up to the point where the Party deal with the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue, as it is here the PCs meet Bann Nicola who proceeds to offer the Party a position in her household as representatives, with the Bann acting as their sponsor or patron. At this point you can feel free to run the remaining adventures as you see fit to match your group’s Levels in game. From there, you can run the adventures by their recommended level order. See the recent Oracle post: http://dragonageoracle.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/welcome-to-dragon-age-explore-the-adventures/ containing a list of all the adventures, both Official and fan made. After all of that, you can return to and finish ‘A Fragile Web’ hopefully with your players being Level 5 if not bordering on 6.

(Editorial Note: Thanks Lory, and I would like to add as I GM’d this campaign, that this plan serves to build a proper relationship up between the Bann and the party, rather than it simply being over and done with in one mission. This makes the twist connected to her all the more meaningful and shocking to the players!
Also bear in mind that the new collected edition book (all three sets rules together) will contain a new and different mission to the Dalish Curse, so this will factor into your tier 1 plans mentioned above as it becomes available. The hope is that Green Ronin will also make this adventure available separately, at the very least as a PDF release – but I know for a fact that they are making internal enquiries about doing that very thing.)

Dragon Age in 2014


Green Ronin just released some wonderful news regarding Set 3 and a compiled rulebook scheduled to release in November.  So get your wallet ready for something many of us have been looking forward to for years now…

Dragon Age RPG Set 3Good news, everyone—Dragon Age Set 3 is finished and we’ll be releasing the PDF and putting it up for pre-order shortly. This has been a long time coming, as fans of the game know only too well. So long, in fact, that we’ve been put in a difficult position. Allow me to explain.

As I’m sure you know, the next video game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, is coming out in October. At our last summit we agreed that this would be a good time to release a core rulebook that compiled the rules from Sets 1-3. It is something people have been asking about since the day Set 1 came out and this seemed an opportune time to launch it. Inquisition is going to spike Dragon Age excitement and what better time to release an all-in-one core rulebook for the RPG, right?

At the time, we did not expect that Set 3 would take so very long to release. So here we are looking at a Set 3 release in August and then a core rulebook release in November. That is far from ideal! We know there are people who want to complete the collection they began with Sets 1 and 2 and won’t necessarily want to buy much of the same material gain in a core rulebook. We also know there are people who will want to skip Set 3 and just get the core rulebook later. We don’t want to disappoint anybody. So what to do?

Our solution is that we’re going to print Set 3 and then the core rulebook, so you can get whichever you prefer (or both!). The Set 3 print run is going to be limited to 2,000 though so if you want a copy, you should get one this summer. We will not be reprinting Sets 1 and 2 (as the core rulebook will be taking the place of the boxed sets). However, the PDFs will remain available and we are exploring some print on demand options as well.

The core rulebook, which is tentatively titled Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition, is scheduled to release in November. It will compile the core rules from all three sets, but it is taking a different approach to the setting. The original game assumed you would be campaigning through the Fifth Blight. Since Set 1 came out, Thedas has been expanded quite a bit through more video games, comics, and novels. Thus the Ultimate Edition will present you with a number of campaign frameworks to choose from. The Fifth Blight will be one of them, but the game will not assume you are running that campaign per se. We’ll present several options, and of course you are always free to come up with your own. You can thus expect some new material in the Ultimate Edition, including a new intro adventure (we won’t be reprinting the Set 1 adventure “The Dalish Curse,” as that’s the most played DA adventure out there).

So that’s the skinny on Dragon Age in 2014. I thought it best to just lay it all out for you, so you understand the situation and can make the best decision for you. Whatever you choose, I hope you play some Dragon Age this year! Thank you for your patience and your continued support of the Dragon Age RPG.

Chris Pramas
Green Ronin Publishing

Flashback Adventures


I recommended running lower-level adventures, that your group had surpassed in level, as flashback adventures, and some of you were left scratching your heads no doubt.
Nice idea Martin, just how the flames do I do that exactly? Well, bare with me and I’ll tell you.

First, set the scene of how this flashback adventure begins. If you’re Carac and Tanadil in Robert Freemantle’s game, I bet you’re in the pub drinking and bragging to anyone who’ll listen. I’m also willing to bet you’ll exaggerate your prowess and victories in the past. Huh, it’s almost like meeting Varic at the very beginning of Dragon Age 2…

"It all started when..."

“It all started when…”

Now then, you’ll need each of your player characters re-adjusted back to the level of the adventure, either exactly if you keep records of these things, or as best as you can remember (even the most honest of storytellers exaggerate a little), or your players can exaggerate a lot. Ask your players if they wish to be honest about regaling others with this tale or exaggerate.

Please note that for flashback adventures, your players will get experience points as usual. However, if players choose to exaggerate, you can simply adjust down a jot the experience for each encounter. So a hard encounter will only net them 200xp for an exaggerated account and an easy encounter nothing at all. (See below for more ideas on this).

The more your players wish to exaggerate their past tales, the less experience they’ll net for each encounter, so don’t forget to clue your players in as to this fact before they portray themselves as god-like in their re-telling of adventures.

Now all you (dear GM) have to do is run the adventure, and you (dear player, if reading this) must simply enjoy…

(Editor – Nice idea Martin, and I would add to that to make sure you come back to the place where the tale is being told for NPC reactions to plot points, or interesting story outcomes. Also, this degree of exaggeration could be used to have players describe what they saw in the places they went to, therefore creating their own level of difficulty. All of that said, adjusting an outdated module to be a harder experience is a skill in and of itself, and certainly an idea to likewise consider. Both would play out differently, thus giving you options for what you want to run).

Give it a go and be sure to comment how you got on.

Fighting Fantasy Conversion ‘Dungeoneer’ Part 2


I covered the hunt for Xorton Throg as found in the book ‘Dungeoneer’ by the always eminent Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. The link for part 1 – http://dragonageoracle.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/fighting-fantasy-to-age-conversion-dungeoneer-part-1/

But now I’ve managed to do away with the handwritten copy pages (yeah, sorry about that, but they were GM notes), and I have gotten Part 2 down on a nice file for you instead.

You can access it here – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y18VG3pZ-6P8hAUGcVzMjYn7f8SvGSbmYTaNNt8_qGg/edit

With the incredible lack of material around for Dragon Age, every little helps. ‘Blacksand’ too will be forthcoming.

Welcome To Dragon Age – Explore The Adventures

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(Editor – Below is the first post from one of my freshly appointed roving reporters).

Hi there folks, just wanted to introduce myself; I’m Martin Garner — likely known to many of you as Vosoros.  I may not be overly adept with the computer games of Dragon Age, but I can certainly help you out when it comes to the RPG stuff by Green Ronin.

The Dragon Age RPG offers far greater freedom of character creation and portrayal than any of the PC games that’s ever come before…or likely after.  It’s rich, simple to play and so character focused that you can literally find yourself anywhere in Thedas that a skilled GM is willing to craft an adventure for.

But herein lies the games (current) issue; a lack of adventures.  Don’t worry, the Green Ronin folk are on top of this, it’s just a matter of a fair few unfortunate delays.  Once Set 3 is finally released, I think we can happily anticipate a nice flow of adventures and more.  Thank you Jack (Current set 3 dev – Ed) for providing such wonderful glimpses as to your future and current work in this respect.

Thankfully, many wonderful fans have taken to crafting adventures in the interim… myself included.  Whether you’re a GM or a player, I’ll direct you here to the complete collection of Dragon Age RPG Adventures (official and fan written).  If you’re a player, please don’t cheat and read them… just pass this information along to your GM so they can provide many more hours of fun for you and the group.  If you’re the GM, a little advice if I may: don’t despair of so many low-level adventures — consider running them as flashback adventures as players regale NPC’s with tales of their past glories, and award them the experience as they play through such things.

Well, that’s all for now folks, take care.

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