In 2010, Green Ronin first released their Dragon Age RPG box, reminiscent of the old cardboard box sets released by TSR back in the early years of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. In Dragon Age RPG Set 1, we were introduced to the world of Thedas, the Blight, and the core system rules (the AGE System) for adventuring in Ferelden (for character level 1-5). One year later, Green Ronin released their second Dragon Age boxed product, Dragon Age RPG Set 2.

Like its predecessor, Set 2 ships in the same sturdy cardboard box and contains some familiar contents:

  • A Game Master’s Guide (building on Set 1 lore and rules for adventuring in Thedas)
  • A Player’s Guide (covering new options for characters levels 6-10)
  • A poster map showing a much larger part of Thedas: Ferelden, Orlais, Nevarra, the Free Marches, Antiva, Rivain, Per Vollen, Seheron, the Tevinter Imperium, and the Anderfels.

New to this edition are the cardboard reference cards for your players containing access to the game’s Spell Stunts, Combat Actions List (Major / Minor), Combat Stunts, and the newly added Magical Mishaps, Exploration and Roleplaying Stunts tables.

The most anticipated addition to Set 2 is the inclusion of the Grey Wardens; something notably absent from Set 1, and lamented by players and fans of Bioware’s CRPG, which featured Grey Wardens prominently. Where the GM’s guide contains historical information regarding the Blights, and the rise of the Grey Wardens to combat them, the Player’s Guide will cover rules for creation and play of a Grey Warden character.