A Vampire in Dragon Age I hear you gasp? Well, why not? You are the GM, with the fiat God like powers to make things true. In this case, I will take you through my thought process:

Vampires drink blood. Hmmm blood…Blood mages! Blood magic…but not mages…hmmm, so, this is a person who gives himself to Blood Magic’s teachings without having any magic to back it up, you know, cutting self and drinking it. Kinda like Emo Hanger On’s, groupies to the actual blood mages…They can undertake a very deadly ceremony of blood drinking/spirit fusion with a powerful enough mage of their order (who is sacrificed in the process) to create a type of abomination. He must have his own wrists and leg arteries exposed by a runic silver blade, while ingesting all 8 pints of the blood mage.
If the cultist survives the ordeal (less would survive than do with a Grey Warden Joining!) then you have – essentially, a vampire. Their long life is then due to the trapped spirit of the blood mage inside them. I have called this a Blood Apostle Cardinal.
Because they are in touch with the other side of life, with a spirit inside them who feels the pull of the fade upon it at each and every moment, it has access to every focus, from the echoes of knowledge of life after death. This foe is very deadly, consider it only for high levels, or those who are overly foolish or brave.

You can choose to have armour on yours or not.

Because this is a live file, I always have the option of tweaking it from further playtesting, so before you print it for use, make sure you hold the current version!