Here is the minotaur that features in Riddling Reaver, converted into AGE to use with my group. I figured I would share and let you make suggestions/playtest. Note, this minotaur is of course my own creation and very different to the one you can find in Green Ronin’s bestiary PDFs. That said, there is room in this world for lots of variations of the “same” thing – after all, creatures vary throughout the species. This particular foe is very tough indeed, but is just that: A particular foe, specially for the Riddling Reaver encounter, where we find a Minotaur who can breathe poison gas and is emaciated now. I have taken it that he was once a great warrior champion of his kind, which only lets you imagine how he would be if not enslaved…
Consider this against tier 3 parties only.

U.S Link To Riddling Reaver

Uk Link To Riddling Reaver

Let me give you some more context from the book. The fight against the beast takes place as you need to claim the ring in his nose, as an adventure item. This means he probably must be slain, unless you concoct some clever ring tear mechanic into the fight for your players, or they request it.

You fight the minotaur in a ring, with a crowd watching and cheering. You are only supposed to last 7 rounds against it, which gives you your prize money.
If you hit 0 hp against this foe, it of course will end the fight, and allies should be able to come in and heal you, thus saving your life. Then, if you still need the ring, another of your party could step into the ring in an attempt to whittle it down further.

Let me know how you get on with it.