With Inquisition almost upon us, another feature to the game has been recently announced.
Dragon Age Keep is a free to use application on various devices for your convenience.

With games of Dragon Age being scattered across two generations of consoles now and potentially various formats (including the extra Dragon Age universe games), this application deals with the problem with a practical solution.
It allows you to run through the choices potentially made in previous games and answer those one way or another. It is effectively writing the state of the world, based on your actions, in readiness for Inquisition.

You can choose from past heroes used, selecting the one to apply, combined with all the other states you authorise, at which point you will get to watch a beautifully stylised animation telling your personal story, along with the option to make changes as it happens.

For me, the most interesting element is the potentially expanded codex entries that will open on the app. As a tabletop RPG, these information clusters are veritable golden nuggets. If you don’t play the tabletop game, then they are at least golden nugs.

You can apply for the beta here – https://dragonagekeep.com/en_US/teaser