Ashaad – Qunari Warrior Spy

Chris joined the guys mid way through the campaign, having had no previous experience with the dragon age computer games. I suggested he play a Qunari, who would be a foreigner and stranger in Ferelden. Therefore, all the learning he would do about the world, would be done along with his character. Being a Qunari of course almost meant that he would be serving the goals of his people, but those of you who follow the tales of my group will know that the rest of them are screwed up and sold their souls away, one way or another a long time ago.
Ashaad’s day of reckoning came while I was converting Fighting Fantasy’s ‘Blacksand’ for AGE. ‘The Thieves Den’ was a deadly encounter that the group didn’t take seriously enough. They get a lot of successes and rely on them. Here were a horde of enemies bearing down on them. Ashaad had been trying to work his way into the party as their “tank”, i.e. the one who uses ‘threaten’ to draw attacks onto them while wielding a shield.
The party usually have spot on ideas for positional play, as we use miniatures on drawn up rooms upon a whiteboard, but this time Ashaad decided to rush into the room only a little ahead of the others. The problem was, the rest of the team were trying to be clever by holding the doorway in a pinched close position with Tanadil and Amelia barring the exit. The ranged more killable PCs were positioned just behind these two blocking warriors.
The problem was, the doorway area became blocked up with enemy combatants making charges against the two warriors holding it. Eventually, they had so many thieves on them that no more could possibly fit into frontal base to base contact. This meant that the already overburden Ashaad took the rest of the chargers into melee range with him, as his back was also open for them to move round and engage.
There were simply too many for him. A mass of damage took him down, and even Carac’s phenomenal spirit healing couldn’t put enough vitality back into him.
The final straw came when Ashaad had gone down once again and this time the rest of the thieves had to either decide to coup de grace him or leave him alive. Ashaad was the only target they could choose, thanks to the group’s defensive positioning, and so he was finished off.
What makes this even worse is that some thieves did eventually break through the two warrior wall, using skirmish stunts, so they could step people in robes for a change. Unfortunately though that is not the end of the bloodshed even for this same encounter. Read on and you shall see…

Draoi – Elf Shapeshifter

This one is Pete again…Here’s how it happened.
He had died so many times that I spoke with him about having an unstable element in place to make the party not want him to die. Pete is also quite obsessed with all things lupine, so I suggested he have an alt stat sheet with an epic were wolf-form on. I created it, a terrible monster, like a boss in its own right. The idea was that his mage, a Dalish Keeper apprentice was bitten by Fen’Harel the trickster dread wolf and given the seed of lycanthropy in a particularly potent way. This would be a creature that Draoi has to work every day to contain, trying to keep his cool and not wanting the beast to get out.
He had done well, but the trigger point finally came recently, when he was late to a fight. He came into the building and then we realised that there were a number of corpses around…He was of course wearing the maneater greaves. These give him +1 def but also leave him with an insatiable urge to eat dead people. Of course he chose to wear the things, even knowing of their curse…
The next thing the party knew, Draoi had entered the building, rushed over to the bodies and started munching on them.
The party were horrified by this, and immediately set upon him as if he were an abomination. With everyone attacking him, he quickly dropped to 0 health and at that point Pete and I looked at one another and nodded in agreement that this would trigger it.
The were wolf monster erupted from the mage and attacked the group. The party had only just been in a fight and had lost Ashaad just coming through the door previously, so this could have been terrible for them. However, this party are very smart. Too smart for their own goods sometimes. They backed out through the door, leaving Pete’s overgrown were-wolf form back in the building. He got some good shots in on Carac, but even he escape thanks to the rest of the party combining knocked prone and skirmish stunts to keep him back. Within a few turns the whole party were outside and had the wolf trapped. It was too big to get out of the door! The group then simply had to keep him in place with spells and knock downs, along with a magical force crit stone prison casing and they took him down safely from a distance.
It was a shame to see the monster that had been so hard worked upon go down so easy – but on the other hands, forcing it would mean leaving the other players ingenuity of thinking being punished, with them feeling cheated. So it has to play out between the players.
Of course just on the cusp of dying the wolf turned back into the party’s elf mage. Avvar barbarian Tanadil did not wish to spare him, and walk right over and cut his head clean off with a coup-de-grace. He commented, “I didn’t want that hanging over us if I spared him.”
Cold steel indeed…


So that’s ours, and if you haven’t already why not share yours in a comment below?

May they rest in piece, and in some cases, pieces…

This only leaves me with one last question to my party: I wonder who will be next? Death is always waiting…

Death Still Comes