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Let me regale you with the continuation of this article, this grim reminder that the world your PCs inhabit should ideally come with the thrill of danger, made possible by the potential for death.


Agnus – Avvarian Warrior
You may remember from part 1 of this article, me mentioning a player in our group called Pete. Agnus is another one of his…sort of.
The character idea came from Tanadil, our Avvar warrior, who mentioned in his backstory how he has a distinct fear of badgers…(bear with me), and he also goes on to explain that in his home village he was to be betrothed to a woman who he found…less than pleasing on the eye let’s just say. This was gold for a GM to work with! She kept turning up, stalking him, wanting to convince him to get married. It also turned out that this woman had jet black hair accompanied by a distinct white stripe down the middle, much like a badger in fact now I think of it…
She was big, brawny and tough. So I suggested Pete play her and she join the party!
She managed to die, during set 2’s introductory mission in Cumberland: — (SPOILER ALERT) — During the arena section when the PCs are trying to stop explosives from detonating. Agnus (also nicknamed “Aberdeen” after the similar sounding “angus” burgers) died in the arena trying to stop it. She then went on to have the misfortune of having her body taken over by a paranormal assassin who used her form to get close to the group…she managed to die a second time, technically, that same day. Pete does not do things by halves.

Gabriel – Orlesian Rogue
This is a strange one. I had a moment of doubt as to whether I should include this character, but he did in all actuality of the mechanics, die.
This one was played by Lory. Gabriel is a cocky, laid back, thieving, womanising loveable rogue. The party met him when on route to Orlais, they encountered a man who was under attack from low ranking wannabe Antivan crows.
Gabe fulfilled a vital role within the group: That of the expert in underhand matters. The other party rogues haven’t been as particularly inclined towards kleptomania and sneaking around.
The group were tackling one of the Freeport adventures that I had converted to AGE. The party had made their way through the sunken temple of Yig, but one of the fights proved too much for the Orlesian scoudrel, and he fell. For whatever reason (the memory is sketchy now) the party spirit healer didn’t get to him in time and that was that…or was it?
The spirit healer player Craig had mentioned liking Gabe best from all of Lory’s characters, because to him it felt like Lory was playing something outside of the usual RP style. He desperately stated that he wanted to try and save Gabe anyway, seeing as he had only just passed. As a GM I can tell you this certainly made me perk up, especially when I heard what he suggested.
He combined a rite of spirit healing, combined with cutting his own body to bleed energy (though he is not a blood mage) and even feeding Gabe some of his own blood. I then made him roll some very difficult targets that tested both his body and soul. What you know it, he passed those stringently designed tests and Gabe awoke once more…However, what GM can resist some good drama and pathos? Therefore, Gabriel awoke totally blind! Furthermore, Carac had damned himself by performing blood magic rites into a spirit healer spell and lastly, Carac’s Grey Warden blood was inside Gabe! It turns out that he had somehow conscripted Gabe into the wardens against his will, with the tainted blood (albeit in a smaller dose) now inside him too. It helps that it entered him while not alive. After all, you can’t have a joining kill you if you’re already dead.
Duncan was most displeased with Carac over that! He has been banned from allowing any more conscriptions for now. Gabe was taken away to Weisshaupt Fortress for immediate training in warden skills and blind fighting. This was also a way to deeply access him for any signs of darkness from his rising. If they see one piece of evil or the slightest hint of something unnatural they will likely slay him.
As it stands now though, Gabe is still in training and may one day return to the party.

Delilah – Dwarf Rogue Monk

Hi Pete! Great to see you again…not for you of course, but for the rest of the audience it was too funny to put down in words.
This time Pete was given something very different to play: A combat based monk, from Josh Jarman’s excellent alternative classes article. It’s basically a fist fighting rogue, with converted tropes such as “diamond body”. What could go wrong?
Delilah had trouble fitting in for a start. Pete had come in with so many new characters that he really needed to get a feel for this girl as fast as he could. He played her in a semi good, yet semi mysterious way – that began to make doubts grow as to the degree of ill intent Delilah secretly acted with. She was also very aloof and stand offish at times, as well as choosing to remain separate from the other party members at social and exploration encounters.
There was another terrible incident when the group were rushing against time to gather enough medicinal flowers to heal their pets.
A sick bear appeared before the group, attracted by the flowers it instinctively knew were medicine to its condition.
The group could easily defeat it in combat but Delilah made herself stand out by throwing the flowers to the bear. The party become furious with her! They recovered the medicine before the bear could guzzle it by picking up Delilah and throwing her to the now crazed bear.
The final act of her life comes down (as if often appears to be with Pete) to an interaction with Carac the mage.
The group were entering a dangerous building, through a door that was suspected to be trapped. Delilah decided to do a flying kick at it to knock it through. Carac decided to “help” her by casting a mind blast over her foot upon contact with the wood…
Suffice to say, Delilah ended up sprawled through the door with trapped blades springing and tearing through her flesh at the sides. Very shortly after this she died, mostly from her injuries there.
Can Pete ever find a character that can fit in?


So that wraps it for part 2. Again you are invited to share your stories below in the comments. In the meantime, I will begin looking at compiling Part 3…oh dear…