A 15 foot long monster, as seen in Madness In Freeport’s ‘Sunken Temple of Yig’, the Avatar of Yig.
This is the converted creation I made into the Age system to run it for a Dragon Age group of level 9’s.

15 feet of of undead strangulation

15 feet of of undead strangulation

Yes I know it’s a constrictor and I’ve added a spit type ability. But for goodness snake, it’s an Avatar of a God, so I thought, oh well why not then? After all, I’m sure there’s no handy omeprazole or peptac around in those days…

You can see Lory and I recount the battle between this monster and my party here

Without further ado (or a-don’t doing), here’s the link to the profile: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G65XnL5esvH2_48vGb9Y6bktxJsVlzmnQPiVX-UG5Ac/edit?usp=sharing

Enjoy and modify as you see fit. It ran great with my group and was a delightfully dangerous encounter as written.