I have reported a few times on ‘The Deep Roads’, which was to be a compendium of 3 adventures for set 2, like ‘Blood In Ferelden’ was.
You will note the past tense I use for it…
A piece of information slipped through that was so quiet a lot of us missed it. ‘The Deep Roads’ has been shelved as a product.

To paraphrase their explanation in short: One of the 3 adventures was ready to go. 2 of them were going to take a lot of time to get BioWare approval on and delay the release a lot, so they may not see the light of day, we’ll have to see.
Green Ronin will be putting the ready adventure out on its own, so we will get that at least. More content is always a blessing for us GMs.
I can confirm that the developer wants to bring the timeline of modules released in line with the current ‘Inquisition’ period.
This tells us that releases will have a more global approach dealing perhaps with the mage templar war and the huge fade incursion, as opposed to a focus on darkspawn.