Now with E3 behind us and the print version of Set 3 being released, (PDF available but that’s another topic), we feel it important to mention the soon to be released third instalment of the Dragon Age Computer game, Inquisition is just around the corner and boy do we have some things to cover in this one.

Dragon Age: Origins and it’s DLC/Expansions where Bioware stuck to the old tried and tested methods that made their previous RPGs work (Knights of the Old Republic being their finest hour for many), then we got hit with Dragon Age II… yeah – not got much to say about that, not that I didn’t like playing it, but the story was way too forced and this isn’t a review so I’m going to stop before I get carried away here. (Or before I carry you away in a net – Ed).
Which leads me to what I hope can be the saving grace: Inquisition.

With so many things to cover I’m just going to give you an initial list to pursue at your leisure, so you too can see why this game has me jumping aboard the hype train and throwing my money at the screen.


I will keep you updated with any other information I find regarding the game and Dragon Age Keep when it’s available to test via beta.