I and many other players have been impressed with the organisations section of set 3.

hex connect

For those who don’t know about it, it basically allows you to run a group of some kind, and determine their relative power with stats: Might, Wealth, Influence, Intrigue and Magic; all of these with focuses too!
Then they have a Scope, which is the degree to which they cast their influence outwards, e.g. regional.
Finally, they have a Structure which acts like a player character’s armour in lessening “wounds” taken and a Stability, which is effectively the organisation’s “health pool”.

Certain events can occur that improves or damages the stats or stability of a group. It does also mean that players can create their own groups and run it, seeing its highs and lows over time.

This is a quite inspired idea and I thought I would kick things off by giving two examples of organisations I have already designed that currently reside within my own GM’d campaign. Those of you who follow my group’s progress via my YouTube vidcast series will know how these factions have developed to this point, and you will understand that this has been created according to where they are at now.

Clan Redhold

Redhold, the Avvar tribe has gone from strength to strength since the party met them in ‘Where Eagles Lair’. They are making a huge power play over the region and are now involved in the ‘War of the Axes’, which is a minor conflict between the Avvar tribes and the Chasind refugees, pushing North into the mountains to escape the growing darkspawn forces in the Korcari Wilds.
Redhold have systematically gone about conquering other nearby holds by any means they can, to (initially) replenish their lost barbarians and critically their peasantry. However, this growth of power has seen that already far exceed what they were before, and with no end seemingly in sight…

Might: 3 (Raiders, Specialist Troops: Mountain Fighters)
Wealth: 1 (Goods, Services)
Influence: 2 (Foreign Power: Orlais)
Intrigue: 1 (Secrets)
Magic: 1 (Lore, Mages, Speciality: Creation)
Scope: 4 (Regional)
Structure: 4
Stability 40 (and growing)

House Baranti

Bann Nicola was encountered by the player group during ‘The Tangled Web’ module. When all facts were revealed, the party felt powerless to stop her and instead opted to help the devil they know versus the devils they don’t. She was after all still finding them true objectives that appear to be above board. She also has something on all of them…something she could use against them were they to turn on her.
She is a very powerful political player, with ties and holds on nearly every corner of the world. Her spy force is impressive and gives intelligence for the group to go about their missions.
Is she evil? But of course…However, she is also a politician, so that is a handy asset…

Might: 1 (Speciality Troops: Scouts)
Wealth: 3 (Treasure, Goods, Services)
Influence: 6 (All)
Intrigue: 5 (Spies, Counter Spies, Assassins, Secrets)
Magic: 1 (Lore, Specialised: Blood Magic)
Scope: 2 (World), Scope: 4 (National) Scope: 6 (Regional)
Stability: 30