(Editor – Below is the first post from one of my freshly appointed roving reporters).

Hi there folks, just wanted to introduce myself; I’m Martin Garner — likely known to many of you as Vosoros.  I may not be overly adept with the computer games of Dragon Age, but I can certainly help you out when it comes to the RPG stuff by Green Ronin.

The Dragon Age RPG offers far greater freedom of character creation and portrayal than any of the PC games that’s ever come before…or likely after.  It’s rich, simple to play and so character focused that you can literally find yourself anywhere in Thedas that a skilled GM is willing to craft an adventure for.

But herein lies the games (current) issue; a lack of adventures.  Don’t worry, the Green Ronin folk are on top of this, it’s just a matter of a fair few unfortunate delays.  Once Set 3 is finally released, I think we can happily anticipate a nice flow of adventures and more.  Thank you Jack (Current set 3 dev – Ed) for providing such wonderful glimpses as to your future and current work in this respect.

Thankfully, many wonderful fans have taken to crafting adventures in the interim… myself included.  Whether you’re a GM or a player, I’ll direct you here to the complete collection of Dragon Age RPG Adventures (official and fan written).  If you’re a player, please don’t cheat and read them… just pass this information along to your GM so they can provide many more hours of fun for you and the group.  If you’re the GM, a little advice if I may: don’t despair of so many low-level adventures — consider running them as flashback adventures as players regale NPC’s with tales of their past glories, and award them the experience as they play through such things.

Well, that’s all for now folks, take care.