My group and I have been dissatisfied with the standard AGE system wolves. An encounter with them always comes across so pedestrian and bland; just another enemy to hit you until it dies from your hits…oh dear, exactly!

To be feared and respected

To be feared and respected

So I thought about what it might actually be like to fight wolves for real. Their attacks would be fiercely damaging, fast and tearing. Conversely, their health would be lower than that of a “human” foe because they aren’t actively parrying and such (in terms of the bubble of invulnerability shrinking – hit points, not health points!)

So, I’ve really upped the ante here. I would recommend that tier one characters minus 2D6 from the damage and tier 2 groups consider a minus of 1D6 from it instead. This is a battle that should be fast, furious and uncertain.

Here’s the file for you:

And of course, because it’s me, here’s an accompanying video.