Kobold Quarterly has put out an open call for adventures for the AGE System to be published in the magazine. The info below appeared in a recent Kobold Courier mailing and is official.

AGE Authors Wanted!

Open Design wants to expand its coverage of the AGE System, to include a second adventure in Kobold Quarterly.  

Query koboldquarterly@gmail.com (with [KQ AGE Query] in the email header) if you have a 2800-4000-word AGE adventure idea suitable for the magazine. Midgard adventures are welcome! Additionally, Open Design needs designers skilled in converting Pathfinder RPG material to AGE. We have 3 adventures needing such attention. Query the email above and include [AGE Conversion] in your email header.

If you’ve been wanting to contribute to Kobold Quarterly, this is a perfect opportunity! All the best.