Regular contributor Enrique, aka NewbieDM, has been threatening to do an AGE System conversion of Star Wars since we both got Set 1. He’s worked on it on and off for a few months, and I’ve very much enjoyed seeing where he’s taking things.

Enrique will be wrapping up his Dragon Age RPG home game based around the plot of Dragon Age: Origins soon, and his group decided they would play Star Wars next. While they have yet to decide which version of Star Wars to use, Enrique went back to his notes and continued doodling away at his conversion. I woke up to find a string of tweets from him on the subject, including what he is finally naming his project: Star Wars: AGE of Rebellion.

While he’s still working on the bigger document (and considering his work schedule, who knows when that may be done), he did put a public link to the first 5 levels of the Scoundrel class for his conversion. So take a look, and if that gets you excited, let him know in the comments. Maybe we’ll get him to finish his hack sooner.