March Monster Madness 2012 is over. This year I had 10 different monsters to choose from and the contestants did not disappoint. In the end, however, only one could be crowned winner.

Though a few critters really got me cackling with glee, three monsters tugged at my evil GM heartstrings the most: the Reaper, the One-Of-Many-Eyes, and the Flesh Legion.

The One-Of-Many-Eyes filled me with evil nostalgia, for who doesn’t love those floating orbs of multi-ocular death?

The Reaper was deceptive in its lethality until I caught on to its deadly versatility.

The Flesh Legion was just creepy to the core and I know I will have nightmares that will feature it.

So who was the winner?

The winner was The Reaper, created by Emmet “Saisei” Byrne, who wins a $10.00 gift certificate to RPGnow/DriveThruRPG!

The Flesh Legion was great in concept but I felt it needed a bit more polish in execution. That’s one monster I wanna see rewritten and posted here in the future.

The One-Of-Many-Eyes’ only fault was its familiarity, really. When it came down to the top two, I went for novelty over nostalgia.

The Reaper is elegant in its simplicity, almost underwhelming, until it gets a chance to use its multifaceted powers to steal from its victims body, mind and spirit, partly or whole. It was that aspect that won me over, really.

Drop by tomorrow to see the winning monster.

Congratulations to the winner, and many thanks to all participants. Until next year.