You remember how earlier this year Chris Pramas teased that there would be small DLC (downloadable content) products for the Dragon Age RPG? Well, the first one has just hit the streets!

Creatures of Thedas: The Wyvern is a 5-page product detailing a new creature for the Dragon Age RPG.

Infamous for ferocity, the wyverns of Thedas are legendary to commoner and king alike. Bring these fearsome creatures from the “Mark of the Assassin” video-game DLC to your Dragon Age tabletop RPG campaign with this PDF containing complete statistics, game-world lore, and information on the notorious and rare hallucinogenic liquor concocted from wyvern venom.

The DLC includes information on appearance and behavior, folklore and cultural lore (especially for Orlesians), wyvern poison, tips on incorporating it into play and scaling suggestions. At first glance it looks like a solid and complete package on this one creature, and well worth the price.

I love the format and I can’t wait to see what more we’ll get from the team at Green Ronin down the line.

Go buy it today!