Chris Pramas has posted his Green Ronin in 2012 overview and right off the bat we’re getting awesome news on the Dragon Age/AGE System front! I mean, check this out:

That’s the cover to the Dragon Age RPG Set 3, which is expected to be released sometime this year! Want more? How about this:

We are currently putting together Set 3, which covers levels 11-20 of play. As with Set 2, we’ll be doing a public playtest of the Set 3 mechanics (I hear those are all the rage these days!). [Dragon Age Line Developer] Will Hindmarch is preparing files for that as we speak, and that should begin by month’s end.

More? Okay!

We will be supporting Dragon Age with a series of short PDFs. They’ll feature new NPCs, monsters, treasure, and so on. The next one will be the Wyvern, a nasty monster for your game that’s a cool 99 cents.

Still want more?! Well, how about this slam!

We also plan to release some PDFs for the Adventure Game Engine (the system that power Dragon Age) with similar content but not tied to the Dragon Age setting. […] Speaking of AGE, I should mention that we are working on a new game that uses the Adventure Game Engine. […] We are working on a new game and a new world.

I am filled with raging joy by these news!

Drop by and read the entire post for the full story on these nuggets of Dragon Age-y awesomeness and learn what else the Ronins have in store this year for all their game lines.