As much as I enjoy the Dragon Age RPG and the AGE system, I’ve actually never played the video games and don’t have any particular interest in the Dragon Age setting. There is a computer game with a dark theme, though, that I’d love to use as inspiration for an AGE system campaign: Diablo.

Like Dragon Age, Diablo is set in a dark and dangerous world. The influence of the three Prime Evils is spreading throughout the world, with both civilization and nature being corrupted by their presence. Demons, undead, and foul beasts prowl in the wilderness and ancient ruins while corrupted priests and zealots roam city streets. Heroes must rise from throughout the world to confront the growing evil or all will be lost.

Because I feel that the Diablo setting is such a great fit for the AGE system, I’ve started writing conversions of material from the video games. I’m planning to translate each of the character classes from the computer games into a background option, as well as converting spells and monsters for use with the AGE system. I’m planning to share my progress here by posting new conversions at least once a month.

First up, backgrounds for two of the character classes from Diablo I – the Warrior and the Rogue.

The Warrior was pretty straightforward; the Rogue, on the other hand, posed a problem – in Diablo the class focuses on archery, but none of the Dragon Age classes seem geared towards archer characters. In the end, I opted for introducing a rogue subclass that replaces many of the standard rogue’s class powers with archery-themed options along the lines of what is suggested here and here.

Soldier of Khanduras

As madness consumed King Leoric, he sent the armies of Khanduras to war against the northern kingdom of Westmarch. Outnumbered and lacking the full support of Khanduras, many of the soldiers sent to war were lost in bloody battles. Those that survived were left to fend for themselves on the long journey home. Upon their return, they found Khanduras in shattered disarray with King Leoric dead and the young Prince Albrecht missing.

Playing a Soldier of Khanduras

If you choose to play a Soldier of Khanduras, modify your character as follows:

  • Add 1 to your Constitution ability. The disastrous war against Westmarch and long journey home after being abandoned by King Leoric has given the surviving soldiers of Khanduras extraordinary resilience.
  • Pick one of the following ability focuses: Constitution (Stamina) or Willpower (Courage).
  • You can speak and read the Western Tongue.
  • Choose a class. You can play either a warrior or a rogue.

Roll twice on the accompanying table for additional benefits. Roll 2d6 and add the results together. If you get the same result twice, re-roll until you get something different.

2d6 Benefit
2 +1 Dexterity
3-4 Focus: Communication (Leadership)
5 Focus: Cunning (Military Lore)
6 Focus: Strength (Heavy Blades)
7-8 +1 Strength
9 Focus: Cunning (Smithing)
10-11 Focus: Willpower (Faith)
12 +1 Willpower

Sister of the Sightless Eye

The Sisters of the Sightless Eye are members of a loosely organized guild of mysterious archers that guard the borderlands between Khanduras and the East. They study ancient Eastern philosophies in order to develop an inner-sight that they use both in combat and to better perceive their surroundings. The growing darkness throughout the West has drawn the attention of many of the sisters who seek to test their skills against the dark evils emerging from beneath Tristram.

Playing a Sister of the Sightless Eye

If you choose to play a Sister of the Sightless Eye, modify your character as follows:

  • Add 1 to your Perception ability. The inner-sight developed by the sisterhood makes them especially aware of their surroundings.
  • Pick one of the following ability focuses: Dexterity (Bows) or Dexterity (Initiative).
  • You can speak and read the Western Tongue and Kehjistani.
  • You are female. The sisterhood does not admit men.
  • Take the rogue class, preferably with the archer subclass (see below).

Roll twice on the accompanying table for additional benefits. Roll 2d6 and add the results together. If you get the same result twice, re-roll until you get something different.

2d6 Benefit
2 +1 Cunning
3-4 Focus: Communication (Disguise)
5 Focus: Cunning (Cryptography)
6 Focus: Perception (Searching)
7-8 +1 Dexterity
9 Focus: Dexterity (Stealth)
10-11 Focus: Dexterity (Traps)
12 +1 Willpower

Rogue Archers

The rogue class presented in the core Dragon Age rulebooks has several class powers that are a poor match for a character focused on ranged attacks such as a Sister of the Sightless Eye. When playing a rogue in AGE of Terror, you may choose to take the archer subclass when creating a rogue character. When you choose to take the subclass, you replace several of the rogue’s normal class powers with new options. This choice is all-or-nothing; your character must take all of the substitution powers listed below if you use this option.

Deadly Shot (level 1; replaces Backstab): You can inflict extra damage with a ranged attack if you can take your time and strike an opponent from an unexpected direction. You must use an aim action and win an opposed test of your Dexterity (Stealth) vs. your target’s Perception (Seeing). If you win the test, you can use your major action this round to make a deadly shot. This is a ranged attack that inflicts +1d6 extra damage. You cannot use deadly shot against an enemy that you are adjacent to.

Stunt Bonus (level 4; replaces Bluff): You are able to quickly fire your weapon. When using a missile weapon, you can perform the Lightning Attack stunt for 2 points rather than the usual 3. If you also have the Archery Style (master) talent and are using a bow or crossbow, you can perform a special Triple Shot stunt for 5 SP. You make two additional attacks against the same enemy or a different one within range and sight. You must have a loaded missile weapon to make a ranged attack. If you roll doubles on these attack rolls, you do not get any more stunt points.

Pin in Place (level 7; replaces Dirty Fighting): You can use a missile weapon to momentarily pin an opponent in place. To use pin in place, you must first hit with a ranged attack. If successful, you inflict no damage but your target is pinned in place and unable to move until it uses an activate action to free itself. While pinned in place, all ranged attacks against him from rogue characters are considered deadly shots. Stunts are possible on your initial attack roll, so you could pin your opponent and then use lightning attack for an immediate deadly shot, for example.