Byron Molix, better known to Dragon Age Oracle readers as the creator of the AGE version of Mystara, has unleashed his new fan project. Behold, Eternal Shadows: Horror Role-Playing for the AGE System.

From the backcover copy:

When things go bump in the night, victims need to become survivors. Endless Shadows is a genre-specific rules variant for the Adventure Game Engine published by Green Ronin Publishing. This core book contains classes suited for play in a modern world. It contains modern gear, including firearms, and vehicles, and a magic system more suited to the uncertainty and tone of the Horror gaming genre. Also included are numerous resources for the Game Master to evoke feelings of helplessness, mortality, and horror at the game table. This includes fear and instability, monstrous opponents, and changes to the combat system for both PCs and their foes. The shadows lengthen as heroes muster up the courage to fight. Do you dare join their numbers?

This is both a fantastic development of the AGE System to handle Horror and, as far as I’m concerned, the baseline for any AGE hack to be set in the modern world. The classes evoke the genre well while being open enough to handle more modern adventure styles, and the flavor of the added rules, from Cinematic Money to the Stunts and Magic tweaks, make it a welcomed addition to any Dragon Age and AGE players’ arsenal.

Kudos to Byron for his excellent work. Drop by and download it; he also has a character sheet ready for you.


Eternal Shadows: Horror Roleplaying for AGE (External Link)