Greetings from a new fan of the Dragon Age RPG! I’m Icharbezol, or Ed for short.

In this post I’ll be presenting to the community some gaming aids I have created for my upcoming campaign. Inspired by Green Ronin’s Combat Cards and Quick Reference Sheets,  and ingrained habits from thirty plus years of gaming, I’ve gone back in my time machine to a day when I tracked almost every detail about my campaigns on index cards.

Each of these items is based upon a 3×5 index card template created in Microsoft Word, with three cards to a page. Each has a front, to be filled out by player or GM, detailing the specific subject matter of the card. Each also has a back, with a Dragon Age image and the stamp of whatever sort of specific item or event the card is meant to track. Printed on card stock and kept in a meticulously organized recipe box, I’m certain they will help me get everything organized for the reign of terror I intend to inflict upon my hapless gaming group. I’m only too happy to share with others, in the hopes that these cards can assist you, the reader, in beginning (or continuing, or surviving) your own campaign of shock and awe.

Allow me to direct your attention to the market block at this time, if you will…

The first item on the block today is a blank Spell Card, to be filled out by players recording the details of their Mage’s spells. They provide a useful aid to the aspiring Circle Mage or recalcitrant Apostate, not to mention a GM’s important spell-wielding NPCs. And the gleam of untamed lust for power in the eyes of any Mage player’s eye will be well worth it when they unroll the musty scroll they’ve discovered in those dark caverns and the GM passes them a Spell Card detailing the wonders of an heretofore unknown recipe for magical mayhem.

The second item on the block today is a blank Treasure Card. GMs may use these cards to detail the effects and a brief background of magic items that might be discovered by those of an adventurous predisposition upon their journeys. Once said item is discovered during an encounter, the player who keeps the item in question earns a record of their valuable and rare magic items.

The third and final item on today’s listing is a blank Hazard Card, usable by GMs to record those traps, pitfalls and perils they seek to inflict on their brave (or foolhardy) band of adventurers. Once inflicted, the horror is easily stored away for future reference and use. The cards are marked with letters to indicate their threat level: Mi = Minor, Mo = Moderate, Ma = Major, Ar = Arduous, Ha = Harrowing, Mu = Murderous.


If anybody has any feedback, feel free to drop me a line. I think my next project shall be Encounter Trackers, but right now I’m off to recline upon my scaly haunches a bit. Hope that you enjoy the Spell, Treasure and Hazard cards.

Thanks to NewbieDM and his efforts to share on Twitter his experiences with, and opinions on, Dragon Age RPG. Second, I’d like to say thanks to The Dragon Age Oracle for extending his invitation to contribute here.

Editor’s Note: Though Ed and I tried our best, we couldn’t get all the front and backs of the PDF templates to line up correctly, so be aware of that. Worst case scenario, print the side with the information only and don’t worry about the back. If anyone can make the alignment work and wants to send us a corrected PDF, just leave a comment below.