A recent post on Dragon Age Oracle (Specializations in AGE, by Caelen O Ruairc) sparked some interesting debate and a request for more specializations. So here are, three specializations that I’ve been working on as part of an “AGE of Conan” mod that I’ve been developing. I think they are general enough for most games but I’d certainly appreciate any feedback! 


Warrior/Rogue Specialization

Whether a pirate or a privateer, on the Western Ocean or the Vilayet, as a corsair you are a master of the seas.

Class: Warrior or Rogue

Corsair Talent

Requirement: You must have a Dexterity of 2 or higher

Novice: You learn the Cunning (Seamanship) or Cunning (Navigation) focus.

Journeyman: You can understand the pirate code used by your group or in your area. Also, you can re-roll any Strength (Might) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) tests that are made on board a ship (e.g. in the rigging, when boarding another vessel etc) but must keep the results of the second roll.

Master: You can re-roll any Cunning (Seamanship) or Cunning (Navigation) tests but must keep the results of the second roll. When acting as the captain of a ship you gain +1 to all Communication (Leadership) and Cunning (Military Lore) tests.


Rogue Specialization

You are skilled in tracking all manner of men and beasts. When on home ground you an almost unstoppable hunter.

Hunter Talent

Class: Rogue

Requirement: You must have a Dexterity and Perception of 3 or higher

Novice: You can re-roll any Perception (Tracking) tests but must keep the results of the second roll.

Journeyman: Choose a favoured terrain from the following list: Desert, Plains, Swamp, Hills, Forest or Mountains. When in your favoured terrain you get +2 to Dexterity (Stealth) and Perception (Tracking) tests and +2 to your Speed.

Master: You may choose another favoured terrain. Also, a number of others equal to you Communication ability receive the benefits of your favoured terrains if you are leading the group.


Warrior Specialization

You have learnt to use spears and lances from horseback. You may be an armoured knight from the civilized lands to the west or a nomad from the steppes.

Lancer Talent

Class: Warrior

Requirement: You must have a Strength of 2 or higher, and the Dexterity (Riding) focus

Novice: You are proficient in the Lances Group. Also, you can add your mount’s strength to damage caused by lances when charging if you move half your mount’s speed before attacking.

Journeyman: As a minor action, you can make your mount use one of its attacks (e.g. kick or bite) against an adjacent opponent. This attack can generate stunt points but they must be used by the mount.

Master: If you can move half your mount’s speed when charging you can add 1d6 to the damage caused by a successful attack (with a lance or any other weapon).

Lances Group (Strength)

Lance    Damage: 2d6     Min Strength: 2      Price: 20 sp