Following the theme of the movie Thor, it occurred to me that the best thing to fight using the stunt and weapon from the previous post would be a frost giant from Jotunheim. The frost giants in the movie were nasty, with self-generating ice weapons, unstoppable resilience and bad attitude. And now, you too can go and thwart their evil machinations!

Frost Giant

From the icy wastes of Jotunheim, the frost giants burst forth to spread icy death upon the Nine Realms. Their massive forms coupled with their ice magic make them formidable opponents for Asgardians, let alone for mortals. Wielding weapons made of ice, they are unstoppable in their rage and continually seek to dominate the universe.


Abilities (Focuses)
-1 Communication
5 Constitution (Running, Stamina)
0 Cunning
3 Dexterity
1 Magic
2 Perception
6 Strength (Jumping, Might, Slam)
1 Willpower
Combat Ratings
Speed Health Defense Armor Rating
10 35 13 2 (4/7)
Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Slam +8 2d6+6
Favored Stunts: Mighty Blow and Piercing Frost

Fire Vulnerability:Frost giants suffer an extra 1d6 of damage from any fire source.

Ice Armor: As a major action, a frost giant can create an armor made of ice which grants an AR of 7. Against a fire source, this AR is reduced to 2).

Ice Weapon: As a minor action, a frost giant can create any hand weapon out of ice, usually choosing piercing stakes or massive bludgeons. Treat these weapons as a normal slam attack.

Icy Touch: On a successful slam attack without an ice weapon, the frost giant can grasp its opponent and inflict an extra 1d6 points of piercing frost damage for 1 SP. Frost damage can only be healed by magical means or by a full day’s rest.

Piercing Frost: On a successful slam attack with an ice weapon, a frost giant can use the Pierce Armor stunt for 1 SP. For an extra 3 SP, all damage caused is considered frost damage. Frost damage can only be healed by magical means or by a full day’s rest.

Tough Hide: The toughness of the frost giant’s hide gives it a natural AR of 2.

I’m taking a few liberties and extrapolating some things based on what I saw on the movie. The giants making their own ice weapons is wicked cool, but it didn’t seem to make any difference to their combat abilities, thus why I treat it as the same kind of attack. Ice weapons become relevant in order to perform the Piercing Frost stunt, which is an extrapolation of the Icy Touch stunt which we do see in the movie. I vacilated whether to make Icy Touch a normal ability or a stunt, but I went with a stunt so it wouldn’t be so powerful against lower-level characters. The Ice Armor ability and the Fire Vulnerability are both extrapolations and perhaps a bit of D&D-style frost giants seeping into this design.

I see a lone frost giant as a good challenge for 3-4 characters of levels 2-3. Add an elite frost giant for a slightly more challenging fight, and increase the posse to an elite plus one frost giant per character for a group of 5th-7th-level characters. For a really fun challenge, make an elite frost giant and give it the ability to cast Winter’s Grasp at will.

Go ahead, playtest it and let me know how it goes!